Best of the Wurst

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"Don't throw that away. We can still eat it." - Old Godville saying

Best of the Wurst
Motto: From sausage, righteousness!
Alignment: Neutral
Date Founded: 2013-05-06
Guild Page: Best of the Wurst 
Data current as of 2013-05-07


In celebration for all things grounded up and stuffed into intestines.

"You gotta figure, with all the monsters we kill around here, there's a whole mess of snausages to be made." - Qoi, the chosen one of Oh, Great Horror.

The Details

Details? You can't handle the details.


"'Best of the Wurst'? Hmmm, never heard of 'em." - Some Godville commoner.

"The sausage-loving guild, 'Best of the Wurst'? Yeah, I fought alongside their founder. She strikes harder than a donkey kicks!" - Little Architect, after a particularly nasty dungeon crawl