Battle shovel

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Equipment of Godville
Battle shovel
it’s a multi-purpose weapon and tool
Worn 🗡️Weapon
Durability 69
Description Unknown

The Battle Shovel was once only a myth from a little unknown Sage.

The story goes like this. There was once a hermit in Godvillewood who lives a hermit life with a Sun Dog as his companion. When he was hunting, his Sun Dog encountered an Adamantine Golem, that was acting pretty aggressively . Trying to defend his Owner, Sun Dog attacked that Golem, which was a totally heroic but deadly act. Adamantine Golem blocked the bite and smashed that poor little dog to the ground. Being the witness of this tragedy, The hermit swore to avenge his pet companion then buried his dead pet near his small cabin.

He improved his normal farmer-shovel into a weapon. The top of the shovel was cut into 2 iron stings, so that he can carve elements that are huge, heavy and massive. Perfect against Golems.

A few years later, he went back to the place where the tragedy occurred and met the same Adamantine Golem that killed his dog. The fight between the two of them was epic, long and just indescribable.

The hermit managed to defeat the golem and took the Adamantine Jewel from the Golem's forehead as a trophy. He then went to a witch who also lived in Godvillewood to enhance his Battle Shovel with the jewel. He gathered some pieces of his pet's dead corpse and gave it to the witch. Through the witchcraft, the soul of that hermit's long dead pet returned and is put into the Adamantine Jewel which was crafted together with the Battle Shovel.

No one knows if the story is real or just a myth. But some merchants, Wizards and even heroes have tried to make Battle Shovels in other variants and have had some success. Now this uncommon weapon-copies are sold in weapon stores and are almost exclusively sold in Godvillewood. If there was one true battleshovel no one knows where it might be.