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Equipment of Godville
A generic pink bathrobe.
Worn 👕Body
Durability +67
Description good for god and hero’s

Just a fuzzy body cover that will keep your hero warm.

Attribute Varieties

Armorers have a great deal of latitude in the design and creation of bathrobes as attire. With the different combinations available in cut, color, and material alone, few bathrobes conform to a "standard." Heroes and heroines of means have been able to custom-design their bathrobes to order, but this is rare; most adventurers end up with a ratty, second- or third-hand bathrobe. Options and common variations are as follows:


  • Ankle -- For the hero whose deity demands coverage. Or for those prone to arctic exploration.
  • Calf -- For the hero whose leg equipment is prone to binding.
  • Knee -- To offer protection to a hero's femoral artery without interfering with the all-important flight tactic.
  • Thigh -- For the martially artistic hero, or the wandering master.


  • Terrycloth -- Thick, and absorbant of both water and punishment.
  • Velour -- The "luxuriant" option.
  • Satin -- For flaunting during beauty contests for which a hero is neither entered nor eligible.


  • Raw -- Make a display of those natural fibers.
  • Pastel -- For that "borrowed it from grandma" look.
  • Saturated -- Is that a bathrobe or a smoking jacket? Saturated colors mean a hero means business.


  • White -- Safe, traditional, and blends in with Bipolar Bears.
  • Black -- Most likely stolen from Space Bar's luxury spa.
  • Red -- For the discerning hero interested in avoiding the "blood-soaked" look.
  • Blue -- Soothing color that assists in the infiltration of psych wards.
  • Floral print -- For the hero who frequents garden clubs or finds himself in need of wallpaper camouflage.


  • Monogram -- Nothing says "ownership" or "I stole this" like a set of initials.
  • Figure -- Perhaps a traditional bunch of pansies, or a sassy art deco motif?
  • Tavern logo -- For the hero who wants to scream "fan" without wearing out his vocal cords.