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Monsters of Godville
Basement Cat
Class cattus fundamentum
Habitat Basements
Description An embittered denizen of dark places

Basement Cat

Basement Cats were not always monsters. That is, the original Basement Cat was once a playful, well loved kitten just like any other. Entering its kitteen years however, its abnormally obsessive passion for stalking, oversleeping, cheetos puffs, and free loading become apparent, evoking the disapproval of both its playmates and humans. Stubbornly refusing to adapt to the norms, it secluded itself under the basement couch and spurned all social rehabilitation attempts. Everyone soon gave up trying to coax it out, and eventually even forgot to keep leaving food. Enraged and starved by the lack of freebies, all inhabitants and subsequent visitors were consumed. The legend of the mysterious, deadly basement soon spread, inspiring feline deviants throughout suburbia. Since then, there have been sporadic resurgences of Basement Cats, and it is unknown which households may be subject to the transformation and takeover.


Basement Cats are a relatively common creature, yet rare to encounter unless a hero purposely invades its territory. Even unprovoked it is highly likely to find offense and will attack unrelentingly. The main difference between a cat in a basement and a Basement Cat is that the latter always wears a black hoodie, and looks inexplicably peeved. It will also be trying to eat the hero alive. A seemingly empty, messy, and gloomy house is a sure sign one has long taken up residence, but even a newly turned Basement Cat in the process of takeover has an attack of at least 200 apm, so a hero is best advised to carry a flash grenade and be prepared to one-punch and run. Drawn out battles are unwise, as they have the advantage of no other responsibilities to attend to.



  • Is impervious to peer pressure
  • Insults triple combat abilities
  • Is adept at figure eight weaving


  • Paralyzed by bright lights
  • Excessive eye contact forces it to flee
  • Petrified of loud noises

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