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Deities of Godville
Balance keeper 

Name: Balance keeper
Age: Approximately 150 years old
Gender: Male
Pronouns: Him, he 
Species: Demigod
Appearance: Muscular build, mainly white clothing with leather pants, a classic white beard typical of that of a stereotypical master in martial arts, 
Weapons: Truncheon, trident (used for both magical and physical attacks)
Abilities: Healing, flight, omniscience, control over fire, water, wind, and electricity, telekinesis, telepathy, knowledge of many martial arts, can talk to animals, is able to store things in his personal pocket dimension (literally a pocket) things put in his pocket dimension will stay the same as when he put them in
Weaknesses: Too much negative energy can render his powers weakened or even useless (negative energy is created by dark feelings, death, violence, and fighting)
Personality: Has a laid-back yet firm attitude, is also cautious
Other: Has a distaste for Dungeon Keepers, works for the city watch.
Backstory: Had a spell casted on him by a Godville Administrator 
Quote: “As long as nobody does something dumb, I think we’ll be okay.”

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