Aura of curiosity

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An aura of curiosity temporarily boosts a hero's IQ level. With this new found brain power, a hero will activate artifacts without divine inspiration and without using any godpower. This aura can be a blessing or a curse - curiosity did kill the cat, and we all know cats are much smarter than heroes. The Hero might activate a dimensional destabilizer and find a scroll with instructions for a premature level up. Just as likely he/she might already have a fully constructed temple and activate a Kill switch (out of combat) and melt 3000GC (Gold coins) into a gold brick only to sell the brick for 1000GC. In any case the aura is sure to be a load of fun, and you might even end up with a bunch of free Tribbles courtesy of a Mystery box!

  • Artifacts that the Hero will not activate on his own:
    • Arena artifacts (Arena ticket, etc): Heroes are just barely smart enough to not actively pursue their own death.
    • Invite to Godville: The invites are written in a an ancient Godly language that the Hero cannot understand - though it does look fancy enough that the Hero thinks it might have worth to a trader.
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