Aura of confusion

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Auras of Godville
Aura of confusion
Effect Annoyingly difficult to read diary entries
Colour Deep Blue

The aura of confusion, unlike most, is usually caused by a curse that is put on your heroine or hero by a dying monster. While under this aura's influence, the affected heroine has a lot of trouble making sense.


For April Fools Day 2012, three new auras were introduced to the game: auras of confusion, concussion, and contusion, each with a slightly different effect on the diary. These auras were a success, and the three effects were all rolled together into a single aura of confusion, which has stayed as a permanent game feature.

With the introduction in September 2019 of Autumn mushrooms seasonal event,[1] eating a mushroom became another possible way for heroines and heroes to catch an aura of confusion.


This aura causes the heroine to write gibberish in their diary.

It will wear off by itself after fifteen minutes to an hour. A Goddess or God may take pity on their stricken heroine and may be able to cure this aura by encouraging them.

So, a little praise, or maybe a few lightning bolts to the head, but best of all is back to the tavern for a few refreshing ales to try to mitigate the circumstances.

How does a Hero obtain an Aura of Confusion?

The Aura of Confusion is a curse caused by a monster the heroine just killed:

!Hero's Diary
20:54 With its dying breath, the Presidential Seal caused me a severe confusion aura and died. Oh no...

The aura makes your heroine feel dumb and insecure about themselves:

!Hero's Diary
21:08 Darned aura of confusion is finally over. Good that I don’t have to feel that stupid anymore.

As we can learn from these two diary entries, the time a heroine is stuck with the aura is very short; usually 15 minutes.

The annoying part...

What makes this aura a real annoyance to your heroine is the fact that she won't be able to write normal diary entries anymore.

The diary will show text that looks like this:

!Hero's Diary

Notice how the writing is not only capitalized, but also writes the R as an Я, the N as an И and the Y as a У.

Other ways that the heroine might write with the aura of confusion is with everything spelled backwards:

!Hero's Diary
07:18 .'dessecorp gnieb si mialc ecnarusni efil ruoY' :daer taht tnemhcrap llams a gnihctulc oreh nials a nopu delbmutS

Or with a mix of capitalisation:

!Hero's Diary
04:57 NOthInG LIVEs In tHeSE stILl WaTers. BeTtER TRY SoMe OTHeR pLAcE neXT TIme.

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