Attachable limbs

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Pair of Attachable limbs (Hand type)

Type: Arms

Durability: The materials used to make these incredible items is a special plastic. It will last 50 years. You can pull, pinch, step on and wash innumerable times. Several sources said if you suck the thumbs it provides relief from anxieties. (We all understand the tremendous strain heroes are under). Our shrinks tell us this has to do with missing infancy.


This product gives heroes of Godville their second chance when they are trapped in dire situations like a boss fight. Heroes are well known for losing their limbs mid fight and forced to find doctors in town with their limbs in their bags. With this incredible item, the heroes will be able to replace their fallen limbs and continue their fight. We also have some stories by our customer who used the attachable limbs (hand type) as additional hand to the still-attached limbs, enabling them to have four hands at a time. This has been proven to boost heroes' chance to win the fight by having two hands holding the weapons, one additional hands to wipe their sweat mid-fight and another one to hold a flute for the hero/es to play to gives temporary boost on their stats.

Spice up your life! Attachable limbs can also be placed anywhere on the hero's body. Some review by our customers who asked not to be named taught us that heroes felt an increase in their self esteem and didn't have to extend their subscription of the enlargement pills.


Wash the limbs once a day with soap.

« Goodbye enlargement pills, hello attachable limbs
User Review
« I know I am a centaur in human body. Thank you attachable limbs.
Another User Review


Traders apply no refund policy. Any malfunction of equipment is not covered by warranty. Damage by fire and knives are also not covered. If the limbs moves by itself, please contact your local exorcist. Attaching more than six limbs is not recommended. Removal of limbs requires surgery, please contact your doctor.