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Monsters of Godville
Class Nightmare
Habitat tavern tables and blacksmith forges
Death Rattle Are you sure that's good for you?
Artifact "I am *Hero's name here* " name badge
Description sickly thin and spotty

Now a nemesis is something that cannot be overcome or defeated, but as we all know, our mighty Heroes can overcome all obstacles. The Archnemesis is mostly just a figment of our heroes imaginations, symbolic of that inability to finish that last tankard of beer, eat that the last donut in the box, or melt that final gold brick.

The Archnemesis is a shapeshifter, a dimorp, a fleeting ghost, a wraith, a true nightmare of a beast. It's apperance is often sickly, thin, sober and underfed, but can move with lightning speed. It barks out catcalls, it jeers, it mocks, it ridicules. It can only be overcome by Divine Guidance and a lightning bolt or two.


  • Undermining a Hero's ability to drink all night
  • Extremely efficient with a long blade
  • Blowing out forge fires


  • Praise - a little Divine Touch makes it shrivel like a salted slug
  • Crumbs - they can't bear to see the remains of a hearty meal
  • Shiny armor - an Archnemesis will always recoil at its own, true, wasted image
  • Quaffing - nothing disturbs the Archnemesis more than beer spilled down the beard from slaking a lusty thirst