Annihilate Everything with Friendship

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Annihilate Everything with Friendship
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: ~29252 c.u.
Date Founded: ~570 g.e.
Membership Count: 101
Guild Page: Annihilate Everything with Friendship 
Data current as of sometime before tomorrow


Actually pretty much the whole page is under the "History" section

On the Founding of the Guild

Our Wonderful guild founded in ~570 g.e by our loving (actually I have no idea...) founder BadgerSandwich. after months of creating "Free Beer Signs" with arrows leading to our base of operations we managed to gain enough members to create a society where no matter how sober or dunk you are you will still be loved. One night while every one was asleep a band of our members went out to the pub, after a whole 4 hours of drinking, gibberish, and crying (and I'm pretty sure some other stuff) they came back but ironically enough with bright pink shirts on that said "Hangovers are for losers". As they slowly and painfully walked back they kept a smile on their face and looked at each other like they had bonded like brothers last night. This is when we knew ours little community was more than just a group of people but starting to become a Guild of friends. BadgerSandwich like always (I still don't know him that well but I've heard some things) encouraged the bonding but this time he wanted the whole guild to join in. After a year went by and more members joined us we were officially recognized as a guild and were forced to sign papers naming and systemizing our organization. All of us took time to think of a name and after a while we still didn't think of a name but hey at least we though of something (no we didn't) When the men came to take our papers they asked us what were we doing and why are the papers not filled out, Badger replied saying "We totally were not spending our funds drinking and partying not thinking about at name, not at all" which the men responded "well if you say so but you need to fill them out right now..." quickly one of our guild member who had a pretty evil sense of humor was writing "Annihilate Everything with Explosives" but badger quickly grabbed the paper when it only had Annihilate Everything with..." and he wrote in friendship. No one to this day knows why he didn't erase the rest and make his own name, its not like there was a timer... I am not even joking he didn't even read the freaking name he just wrote friendship and handed it to the man like it depended on his life. like seriously the man was kind enough to wait you could have just made a whole new name and you didn't, good job BadgerSandwich you now hold the world record for the most IMPATIENT PERSON ALIVE.. not even joking the flash takes more freaking time to write a name than you do.

On the Tribulations of the Guild

BadgerSandwich, our wonderful (actually I don't know that he was special in any way), faithful (obviously not THAT faithful since he's gone) and irreplaceable (BenevolentMalevolent has done a pretty good job picking things up in his absence, soo...) founder has departed. He was a young man (or woman, don't really know with online gaming) of only level 18, yet the destiny of life (or Karma, like I said, I didn't know the guy) has called him away.

Yet we will endure
It won't be that hard.

On the Future of the Guild

As a great and powerful man once said, "Trusting a quote on the internet to be true is like trusting a hangnail not to hurt like a b*** when you pull it off." -Abraham Lincoln

With that out of the way, let's discuss the future of the guild! As a representative of this fine and wonderful conglomeration, I can safely say that we are underway to becoming the most awesome guild ever. What makes us so amazing? Simple. We don't do a thing to stop it. Like the pirates who don't do anything, we understand that being proactive is overrated. Guilds left and right advertise their usefulness and their benefits that you will receive if you join them. Us? We have one goal. To Annihilate Everything with Friendship!

But seriously. It's a zero person game, the point is to not do anything. If you have a question, want to chat, want to laugh or need a friend, our forum and our guild council will be there ready and willing to help.

Satisfied customer voices

I've been a member of this guild for <n> days and it's so much fun! I really like how <companion_A> helped me with <quest_0>. We're like one big family!
— Satisfied_customer_1
I love you all soo much! Remeber all the fun we had together? Guys? Where is everybody?
If I had to choose any guild, this would be it.

Seriously, I'm not a customer. Can I have my money now?
— Chuck N.