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An Angel of Debt (Angelus debiti) is a monster that was intended by the Gods to be the defender of the proletariat, protector of the pocketbooks of the poor. Naturally (as the Gods within Godville rarely achieve what they intend) the pseudo angels are harbingers of crippling financial instability and suffocating metrics, that can make a hero|ine's bar tab look like pocket-change in comparison.

Strong Monsters of Godville
Angel of Debt
Angelus debiti
Strong Monster
Class Angel (psuedo)
Habitat Anywhere, as well as everywhere
Description Angelic being of finacial dismay


While it's still contested in some circles whether they should be classified as angels, they are a force to be reckoned. Often appearing as meek individuals (human in appearance usually) they have a habit of making a hero|ine's life difficult, if not dealt with swiftly and cleanly. Because of their questionable status they occasionally appear during the Help an angel earn its wings quest. In this "event" it's strongly advised to avoid taverns, shops, other heroes, other Gods, anything living, and all objects inanimate or otherwise. Regardless of the quest they tend to incur significant financial loss (AOE effect) in a myriad of ways for said hero|ine. [1]

That said, the quickest and easiest method of vanquishing this fiendish angelic aberration is by throwing all your money and possessions in one direction, while you adjourn in the other direction. This is especially successful during holiday spending seasons, when Angels of Debt get easily confused by the sheer number of fools over-spending.

If however, one appears before you and you've failed at getting rid of it, rest assured it will eventually leave your hero|ine alone--aproximately one or two centuries after the last of their descendants have died.

Keep in mind that when you hear a bell ring, a true angel gets its wings. If you hear the sound of a cash register drawer opening, then it's an Angel of Debt. So, flee!

Below is--or isn't--an example of the subtle and impossible-to-verify effects of the monster.

!Hero's Diary
10:16 PM I'm not greedy, Terrifying One. I just believe that “more” is better than “enough.”

Note how the angel in question isn't even mentioned, lending to its obscure social image and suspicious behavior.


In an age town-folk are trying really hard to forget, Angels of Debt descended upon the residents of Godville. The exact cause is unknown but it's universally agreed that it had something to do with a hero|ine's common wide-eyed ignorance of financial reality. With trillions of gold pieces mysteriously going missing from the economy, a permanent rift had opened between the Divine Monetary Plane and through it--the angels came in an attempt to rectify revel the situation. Their goal, removing the chief cause of debt: human greed. Unfortunately, one could describe their actions as over-zealous. As they eventually realized removing not just the humans, but their Gods as well, eliminated the root of greed.

Lamenting their humans and other affected creatures (after several millions complaints) the old Gods called for a referendum. The invitation to the referendum was sent to all the Angels of Debt, in triplicate, with one of the carbon copies purposely torn out. While the angels might have been able to willfully resist the blatant summons, few could do so without appearing, simply to complain about the clerical error of the missing triplicate page.

The meeting was of course a ruse, and when most (for some of the invitations mysteriously did not have a R.S.V.P. attached) of the angels had gathered, a commercial-free showing of It's a Wonderful Life was put on for them.[2] It's unclear what affect the Gods believed the movie would have, because they simply incinerated the location shortly after most of the Angels had gathered.

Since then, the angels appear less frequently. But those that remain are purported to be even more cunning and ruthless, as time (compounding interest) has made them stronger.



  • Rapid Inflation Assault
  • Powerful Aura of Depression
  • Student Loans
  • Magazine subscriptions (that a friend "bought" for you)


  • Charity and tax write-offs
  • Credit Limits (and other financially responsible spending caps)
  • Zero interest fixed-rate loans
  • Nirvana (and other similar beliefs)


  1. This is frequently referenced as The Sixth Degree of Bacon Kevin affect in some non-existent circles
  2. Spanish dubbed with Japanese subtitles bootleg
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