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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Minotaur
Habitat Dungeon
Description Unknown
Boss Type 3-Ability Dungeon


Cunning, smart, powerfull, ruthless and sleep deprived, the Adminotaur is a Boss Monster who evolved from being a simple minotaur due to his skills as a dungeon administrator. A lot of dungeon adminstrated by an Adminotaur tend to obtain better results than others in term of economics, hero extermination and cleanliness.

Records say the Adminotaur is as smart and cunning as a demon, managing to lure its foes to traps and sweet talking tax collector. It's power is not to underestimate either since he can easily wipe a full team of trained heroines by itself, torturing them to almost death by using inhuman means like chainning the heroic adventures just a few centimenters away from a delicious beer tank.

On a side note, it's adminstrative skills and listening talents often get the Adminotaur praises from its co-workers. Except for the ones that makes the mistake to anger the normally calm Boss Monster.

Daily life

A party of adventurer who managed to defeat an Adminotaur gave a daily diary they found on it to the Godville Times for anyone to read. Sadly it only contain one day worth of information.

!Daily Diary of Dungeon's Administration -Day 176- 2302 g.e.↻
1:12AM : Woke up to the dungeon alarm's sound, adventurers spotted in the dungeon.
1:23AM : Got back to sleep after the party reached the exit door in 11 steps by going in circles in the dungeon hall.
3:55AM : Woke up to the dungeon alarm's sound, adventurers spotted in the dungeon.
4:04AM : Diary entry not found. Heh.
4:06AM : The party reached the exit door in 11 steps by going in circles in the dungeon hall. Sent a worker to install a new directional hint before getting back to sleep.
6:30AM : Alarm clock ring. Night was short.
7:03AM : At my office, administrative job start now. The paper pile only measure 58cm  today.
7:13AM : Intterupted by another heroic intrusion. Paper pile was at 45cm.
7:57AM : The party has been dealed with by that poison arrow trap. Got the janitor throw them ouside and sent the cleaners and the engineers to clean the mess. Only 2 causalities in the staff today so far.
8:03AM : Got back to office. Paper pile is now at 68cm. Only cried for 3 minutes.
8:17AM : Interrupted by a call from the Godville Times. Gave them a short interview before getting back to business. Paper pile is at 63cm 
9:12AM : Managed to clean a lot of papers. Pile is at 33cm. Gonna need atleast 5 minutes to read that illisible doctor's note.
9:17AM : Actually called the said doctor to know what she have written.
10:35AM : Incident in the barracks. Two monsters wanted to see what happens when you feed a beer-scented soap to a Beerkat. Result is a goddamn mess, a long call to the assurance's company and another pile of paper for me. Now at 45cm.
10:39AM : Dungeon's alarm ring. Heroines again.
10:42AM : Party shows no sign of life or death or whatever.
10:57AM : The "heroic" team was actually found in the beer-soaked barrack, totally wasted (both the barrack and the heroines). Back to business and to the 56cm of paper.
11:53AM : Managed to reduce the paper's pile to 23cm. It's lunch time!
12:01 : Some Boozerker mistaken "lunch time" for "launch time" and threw a Beardless Dwarf accross the lunch hall. Third staff causality of the day. 
12:42 : That was a good lunch without fight... Oh, nevermind.
12:53 : Eight more staff causalities in that food fight. Kill most of them myself for wasting food though.
01:11PM : Little nap 
01:15PM : Nap interupted by a false dungeon's alarm caused by a giant mice.
01:20PM : Back to business. 55cm.
02:01PM : Recevied the staff's union in my conference room, as they wish for less dangerous work conditions and more green spaces. Only killed two of them this time. Back to my 78cm pile... Crying for a full minute.
03:07PM : Recevied the tax collector for more than an hour. Managed to sweet talk herand gained a 50% reduction without having to threaten her to death. 
01:33PM : Tried writing a fake early hour in the diary to see if it change the world's hour. It doesn't.
04:15PM : Finally... cleaned that pile.
04:16PM : First heroic party of the afternoon. 
04:27PM : The party reached the exit door in 11 steps by going in circles in the dungeon hall. Going there myself to see what the hell is going on there.
04:33PM : Put the laid down sign correctly and empaled the sleeping worker on it for good measure. Fourteenth staff causality of the day.
04:34PM : The dungeon's ring bell, i turned around and faced the terrified team. Atleast a little sweat to evacuate stress.
04:35PM : I may have... overdid it. Called half of the staff to clean the mess before going back to office. Sighed when I saw a full meter of paper.
05:27PM : Took a break in the cafeteria. Listened an employee complain about his wife for half an hour before going back to work.
06:59PM : Finally done. Knocked-out cold my secretary to be sure she don't put more work in my office for the day.
07:32PM : Had a launch in a death's silence. I'll ask to remove the bodies of the ones from lunch later.
08:00PM : Time for my daily poker game with the Dungeon Keeper, the Bluffalo and the Flawyer.
08:17PM : The dungeon's alarm ring for the entrance of a new team of heroines. Not gonna stop that game for that.
09:00PM : We took a break for the game and I decided to pass by the treasure trove. Bumped into the team of adventurers.

In dungeon chronicles

  Accompanied by a crescendoing thunder of timpani, the Adminotaur makes his appearance. [[1]]

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