Acrophobic Dragon

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Monsters of Godville
Acrophobic Dragon
Class Dragon
Habitat Anywhere low, never on high ground
Description Panics at height
Totem for The Dark Knights

The Acrophobic Dragon is a monster. This great beast towers over all heroes it encounters. This monster sticks to the flatter areas of Godville and more prominently around dungeons. It is as black as shadow and keeps its feet planted firmly to the ground unless going in to claw at the enemy. Otherwise the Dragon uses its fiery breath to melt all who come near or attempt to take its gold.



  • Bulky build proves intimidating
  • Fire breathing ability can hit a hero from 100 ft away


  • Deathly afraid of heights
  • Will not pursue Hero if they run uphill
  • Must have at least one of four limbs on the ground otherwise will have a heart attack and perish.
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