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Artifacts of Godville
1x magnifying glass
Type 🧷Normal
Description What you are looking at will look 100% of the same size.
« "It seems as if everything you look at with it is exactly the same size as it is without it."
Det. Sherlock Clouseau, Form 1V-5c: Evidence Storage-- 1× Magnifying Glass

General Information

Traditionally clad in a cheap, black, plastic frame, this ground-glass lens provides an invaluable service in the form of a 1x magnifying glass. Created of flawless lead crystal glass, polished to a microscopically smooth finish, this magnifying glass allows for completely clear viewing of an object under scrutiny at its actual size. This object sports no distortion of details or fragmentation of colors common to other lenses.

When storing or transporting this artifact, the guild of glass workers recommends containing it in a velvet-lined bag or box. It may not face the same difficulties with damage caused by convex surfaces inherent in other lenses, but the frame is still prone to scratches, jostles, and chips, which can break off and stab the owner.

Sales Tip

Some merchants will mistake the 1x magnifying glass for an oversized bubble wand, due to the clarity of the lens, and may seek to pay less through this misapprehension. Anyone offering this artifact for trade should make sure to identify it thoroughly.