128-bit encryption

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Equipment of Godville
128-bit encryption
Worn 🛡️Shield
Durability Unknown
Description Somehow, all 128 bits of the hero or heroine are scrambled, making it difficult to hit the right piece.

This is a great shield, but it would be better if you added a VPN and used TOR as well.


It all began when Raja Subramanyan, hero and master practitioner of yoga, began feeling a little, um, naked. Somehow, all of his bits didn't seem to be protected, and every time a claw or weapon swished near them there was an uncomfortable breeze, as if any moment they might be lopped off. It was entirely unsettling.

One day, after a particularly close call involving an ORLY Owl, Raja decided that he had had enough, and sequestered himself on top of the very pinnacle nodule of a rocky promontory to contemplate his predicament. To first calm himself, he proceeded to count his bits to be sure none were missing. Ten fingers... two ears... Several false starts later, and a few attempts that gave completely different answers, Raja determined that he had 128 bits, and none were absent. Especially not the important bits.