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God: Kygius
Personality: Virtuous
Gender: Demiboy
Pronouns: He/Him/Himself
Guild: Birds of Prey
Guild Position: Follower
Favorite Town: Los Adminos
Zeii in his casual clothing

Zeii is a hero serving under the god Kygius. He is a human-rottweiler hybrid and suffers from several mental illnesses; many of which modern medicine cannot identify. Those they can, however, are ADHD, OCD, AvPD, depression, and anxiety. He was chosen by Kygius because of his unique physical traits and mental illnesses.


Zeii looks mostly human at first glance, but when you get closer to him, you begin to notice the differences. The rottweiler DNA has caused physical changes in his body different from normal humans. The differences are as follows:

  • Tail: A tail identical to a rottweiler's has grown at the base of his spine. This requires him to make holes in every pair of pants he owns so as not to crush it or put his pants down (which has happened before).
  • Teeth: While humans have two pairs of canine teeth (one on top and one below), Zeii has six. Comparing to normal human teeth, Zeii would have an extra pair of canines that replace the teeth located on the right and left of original human canine teeth. Because of this, Zeii is more of a carnivore than he is omnivore, but is still able to eat plants.
  • Pads & Claws: On his fingertips and the palm of his hands are dog-like paw pads that, in all honesty, prove no useful purpose whatsoever. It was only a side-effect of the DNA splicing. However, what does prove a purpose are his sharp, claw-like fingernails used to slash at enemy monsters. Though, while they may be useful in combat, they make it difficult for Zeii to accomplish normal and delicate procedures. This also means one has to take caution when shaking Zeii's hand.
  • Vocal Chords: Zeii is able to make canine vocalizations at will, though they sometimes occur instinctively as well. His human voice is perfectly normal, he just has the added bonus of being able to bark, growl, whimper, and howl like a rottweiler. Because of this, it's very easy to tell what emotion Zeii is feeling.


I'll get to this later I swear it


  • Palm of the Panda: [combat, lv 6] Zeii slams his hand into the opponent's chest with remarkable force. This normally causes an imprint of Zeii's paw pads to appear on the victim's chest, sometimes with small dot-like incisions where his claws came in contact with the victim's skin.