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Championed by the Hero: Tipito
Personality: Unknown
Gender: None/Unknown
Guild: Birds of Prey

The god Zapa (Zapaea in the ancient language) is a mysterious god from Godville as very little information about It has been found. It is believed to come from some far land, probably from a southern small island before it was covered by the sea. There It was the god of a small native tribe, and ruled them but tribe soon forgot about their god to continue "on their own" (many investigators confirm that this was the reason of being swallowed by the water). Once the catastrophe was done It decided to go to Godville as a wandering god. It kept hidden for many years, and decades, and probably centuries, until, after many time thinking, It decided that It was ready to become something bigger (probably on 1558 g.e.) One of the the few facts that is known is that this god has developed a third eye to oversee everything around him, also, not a minor detail, he is a changeling or a shape-shifter, that is why no one can confirm the real form of this god. Many have claimed to see him as raven, a bear or in many especial occasions in human shape. It is known that the god is the author of Zapa's Journal.