Yorkshire Mammoth

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Monsters of Godville
Yorkshire Mammoth
Mammuthus Eboracensis
the tusks of a Yorkshire Mammoth
Class Mammal
Habitat Originated in wide and open grasslands, but has now made its presence in all climates
Description A pachyderm that was found lost in Yorkshire County

The Yorkshire Mammoth (Mammuthus Eboracensis) is a monster that symbolizes the might of Yorkshire.

General Information

The majority of the heroes of Godville have never heard of the Yorkshire mammoth. However, the villagers of Yorkshire argue that the mammoth in fact exists.

According to the Godville Administrator, legend speaks of a certain Duke who signed a contract with the Yorkshire Mammoths in order to use them as battle mounts. Unfortunately, the duke was forced to resign when his agreement came under fire by Mammoth Rights Activists and was revoked as a result. The duke was forced to resign and his whereabouts remain unknown.

To this day, the Yorkshire Mammoths have traveled in pairs to search for the duke to restore the revoked contract.



  • Deadly in pairs, especially when playing hero(ine) volleyball with their horns
  • Massive in size
  • Can smell Yorkshire coffee from 100 milestones away


  • Easily confused by fast moves
  • Cannot stand the smell of beer
  • Obsessed with the Duke
  • Often found alone during confrontations
  • Becomes infuriated at the mere mention of the Lancashire Mammoth (q.v.)
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