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Yoga Experts
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Motto: Yoga is for posers
Alignment: humane
Date Founded: 0/00/
Forum Headquarters: Yoga Experts
Guild Page: Yoga Experts 

Interested in finding yourself? Inquire within!

Introductions by the experts

Hello & Welcome to Yoga Experts!

Yoga Experts. A place to go and relax, stretch your spine and your mind. Get in touch with your inner god.


Drunk Yoga

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Want to try and become a Yoga Expert, but cant trust your farts? Try Drunk yoga. The trick is to always drink enough to pass out and this can be done anywhere. Try it in public for the added fun of passing out in one place and waking up in another, possible jail!


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  • Warning too much yoga can make you hot.
  • Warning yoga girls are twisted.
  • Warning our fruits have strong cores.

Want to join the yoga experts?

All you need to do to begin your journey is send the vc "Join the "Yoga Experts" Guild". until your hero/heroine begins his/her quest. Once your hero is here they might try to leave occasionally, remind them "namaste"

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