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Artifacts of Godville
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Unknown
Cost No godpower
Effect Restore 50% of Godpower

No one know the true story of creation of this object or no one want know it,due to is so secret.... but so secret ....For mistake if you know this ,all tavern in Godville will Close and all heroes will become smarts and able to use intellect plus weapon.

With wispering voice ,we writing a Little story of worship o meter,found into holy book of Goodville Library ,4 plans,fifthy scale,section M,third desk of right,above 10th across ,near 23 th Windows...or it was 50 plan, 4 scale ,section L?. At least

"At Begining godville admin said

I want light.

..and godville -admin created a light!"

Beautifull creation isn't it?..but gods of godville not so happy. Light is hurting eyes ,but at the beginning it all dark and with darkness is too difficult make everthing. Another god tryed explain at godville-admin , what they whish:

.A tool for shooting Hero from sky to earth.

Admin do yes with head...and a lighthing strike Will create.

Gods replay a lighthing is too much exspensive,because consume 25% of total power,and only pray of Hero can refill power..but they know heroes are lazy,idiot and drunken every time.

Godville admin ,in His Will,thinked a solution and creating a Little sheep mug with a Little meter nearest

" lazy drunken heroes have a mug For beer. My gods Will have a Sheep mug For god's beer. Fire For fire, Water For water, Beer For beer. This is a war against heroe's stupidity. This is Spar...ehm Goodville. This tool Will name worship-o-meter. Go my sons and come back victory..or drunken if you can not do."