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The Wolfgang Corps was disbanded long ago, where they had been defeated by their sworn enemies, Thranis Strikers. Many hero, who believed in different but similar gods had lost their lives in the Third Wolfgang-Thranis War. Many temples were destroyed, heroes are killed or tortured, leading the fall of a strong guild that once uphold peace throughout vast lands.

As Kailos, Warrior of Thyvion, fell under the beneath the feet of Thranis Strikers, god Thyvion had sent its young son, Magthylius, in search of a potential warrior to save this guild. Magthylius planted a relic, deeped down into a mine shaft where people had abandoned it long ago.

Thousands of years had gone by, Magthylius had already mourned for his dead father countless times. But until one day, a normal man, a young adventurer, dared himself to explore the mine. After hours of exploration and going in circles, this man, Thomas Valdern, found the relic, although he had no idea what it is. He opened it in curiousity.

Suddenly, with a massive blast of black entities swarming into his face, he staggered backward, and soon lost to unconsciousness. The black entities, swarmed all over his body like bees on a beehive. Without more than mere seconds, his body was gone. Thomas Valdern is now officially missing from his town.

Magtyhlius wiped his memories as he sees potential in this young human. But, due of Magthylius was a few centuries younger than most of the gods, he unintentionally modified the intelligence of Thomas, causing him to think irrationally sometimes.

Thomas was quick to adapt and recognize his god. After months of burlap fightings and trainings under the guidance and help of his god above, he finally created the guild Wolfgang Corps.

Above him, Magthylius, smiled in pride as his hero had done his first major task. Many years had passed, everyone had already forgotten this strong guild that uphold peace throughout the land. That day, it stood back up again!

Although it had already been many decades, Wolfgang Corps is always welcoming any person who joins it. Forgotten but not forgiven, Magthylius seeks more gods to aid this war against the Thranis Strikers.

Structure and Rules

Once, the guild had a strict order for every hero in it, must be a good and kind type of strong men. Only able to fight for a good reason and righteous excuse, the guild had really done peace to peaceful people. To unpeaceful people, well... the other treatment.

Present days, due the lack of members and passion for revenge instead of righteousness, Magthylius has not cared for any villains joining in. As long as they could work together with Thomas ans revenge his father... all is good.

The guild ranks were once the specialty of the guild. Strange and catchy, it is named the following:

  • The Banana
  • The Bark
  • The Not-so-lame
  • The Eye of Cyclops
  • The Orange-gamer

And the special rank for the guild policemen:

  • The Egg Beater

Magthylius is undecided whether to keep this ridiculous ranks.Though he might change it, no one knows... yet.

Thranis Strikers

The Thranis Strikers are not officially a guild, but a gang of evil villains and monsters. Set to destroy the world and anything they dislike, they stumbled upon the Wolfgang Corps, therefore igniting a 14 year war between justice and evil.

Wolfgang-Strikers War I (14 years)

The first battle begins when the Strikers could not bear Wolfgang members constricting their actions against humanity. Thranis General Skydos, Warrior of Yur' Naek, set an all out attack on Wolfgang Corps' west training camp, Camp Westernon. Due of holiday seasons, not many heroes were there to defend the camp, therefore the camp was lost to the Thranis Strikers. The Wolfgang was taken by surprise of this sudden attack.

General Skydos had no intention of stopping. He continued on to the next post, the Amybax 2, just the south of the camp, and taken it with ease. General Raeven, Lord of Pelodius, was tasked to stop the invading force from the west. General Raeven fortified the posts near Amybax 2. He also sent heroes to stand and camp in the Tilevac Fields just west of Westernon. Umaware of the Thranis forces near Camp Northernon, it was too, lost quickly to the Thranis Strikers.

Wolfgang immediately planned a comeback on the camps, seizing back Camp Nothernon but failed to retake Camp Westernon. For years after then, it is all stalemate, until the leaders of both guilds discussed and finally achieved peace.

The Spy Warfare (3 years)

Mutual hatred and vengeance existed between two guild even though they're at peace. Both guild sent spies to collect information of each other, while trying their best to set up counter-espionage, finding excuse on each other to blame.

Eventually it got everybody suspecting everyone, starting a hidden warfare between the two guild. Anyone suspected to be a spy, will be assassinated by another spy, even though no one really knows if there were any double-agents.

Eventually Wolfgang Corps had enough, and launched a massive assault on Camp Westernon, therefore igniting the Second Wolfgang-Strikers War.

Wolfgang-Strikers War II (4 years)

It was relatively quick and brutal battles between the Wolfgang and Strikers. Camp Westernon was retaken, and the Strikers forces was pushed back further before the WSW I.

In conclusion, Thranis Strikers suffered a massive defeat and a gigantic loss. The Strikers will not let this slip so easily...

More updates are coming!