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Monsters of Godville
Wiki Lynx
Felis Lucidum
The hypnotic Wiki Lynx in his natural habitat.
Class Mammal/Metamorph/Viral
Habitat World Wide Web
Description Virtual Feline

The Wiki Lynx (Felis Lucidum) is a feline monster that inhabits the World Wide Web. It is a cousin of the Hyper Lynx.

Wild Wiki Lynxes

The Wiki Lynx is characterized by a coat of complex patterns resembling a Wiki page, from which it derives its name. The Wiki Lynx seems to have the ability to alter these patterns at will, in order to confuse enemies long enough to escape. The Wiki Lynx, like other lynxes, is known for having unusually bright tapeta lucida (from Latin “bright tapestries or coverlets”), or the reflective layers of tissue in the eyes of many nocturnal and crepuscular vertebrates.

The unusual ability of a Wiki Lynx to hypnotize prey and sometimes heroes and heroines is attributed to these reflective, nearly luminous, eyes. Lock eyes with a Wiki Lynx and you could be reading the scrolling articles flashing across its coat in your periphery for hours upon hours without even blinking.

The Wiki Lynx is crepuscular, though time zones are something quite different for the cat, as the Wiki Lynx seems to be able to travel in time randomly, navigating with some method that appears to be advantageous to the Wiki Lynx. As such, when you meet a Wiki Lynx, they might say weird things to you like, “Didn’t I see you tomorrow?” In these cases, it’s best to carry on as if you haven’t heard the question.

Wiki Lynxes are usually solitary, though they are occasionally known to form very small, odd friend groups of the type in which each member of the group is the outlier, and when they get together they speak in gibberish or code or something and no-one else has the faintest idea what they’re saying. You know those types.

Full Metal Jackrabbit, Killer Rabbit, the Hot Cross Bunny and the Cinnabunny fall prey to the roaming Wiki Lynx, as do the Blue-Toothed Mouse, Laser Mouse, and the occasional Cyber Punk or Acid Reindeer might be the victim of several Wiki Lynxes.

It is rumored but has never been confirmed that if you touch the Wiki Lynx, it will send you to a parallel dimension called clickbait-land, which is full of unpleasant stuff. Thankfully, you can avoid this cruel fate by just not touching it. It won't try to touch you.

The Wiki Lynx and the Firefox

The Wiki Lynx has an unusual relationship with the Firefox. The two monsters have been observed often in brief confrontation or rarely fighting to the death, but also sometimes working together. Mythological internet folklore describes the Wiki Lynx and Firefox as rival tricksters. Their age-old conflict is said to have started when, while Firefox was playing with fire, Wiki Lynx’s coat got burned with strange markings and was then on to be forever read. Wiki Lynx then roams the World Wide Web, collecting and generating ever more data to try and get revenge by overloading Firefox’s servers.



  • Can manipulate time
  • Powers of irresistible mesmerization
  • Big teeth, sharp bytes
  • Full of useful information


  • Has an ongoing flame war with Firefoxes
  • Occasional amnesia as an unfortunate side effect of time travel
  • Sometimes gets stuck in an endless loop
  • Full of useless information

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