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Wiki Leagues
Wiki Coat of Arms.png
Motto: In Vino Veritas
Alignment: whatever
Date Founded: 12th September 2010 Reborn: 22nd February, Year of the Hidden Dragon
Membership Count: 130
Town with Greatest Influence: Los Adminos (3%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 1st Gratitude, 2nd Storytelling
Forum Headquarters: Wiki Leagues
Guild Page: Wiki Leagues 
Data current as of 11th November 2012


The Origins

Strange as this may sound, it all began in the beginning. At the dawn of Humanity, there was no order, control, or law. There’s still little order now, but plenty of laws and control. Let’s not digress though. So back at the beginning one certain hero, ruled by his God - both their names were lost in history - passed by a thief in the Year of the Ceiling Cat. The hero politely said, "How do you do?" to the thief, who was busy attempting to steal the hero's purse (heroes have never been particularly bright). This was the first recorded good deed in history, and traditionally considered the founding act of Wiki Leagues as a whole, though there’s absolutely no hard evidence of that. It just sounds right.

One day, that same thief encountered the hero again. He said he was kind of sorry for his deeds, would not refund the money but wished to join him to do good. This was the first recorded act of confession in history, and it's rumoured that the thief became empowered by the God at that moment, as well. What is certain is that the two of them celebrated their reunion with copious amounts of a godly brew that they named Wikiwhiskey, the first recorded branded spirit in history. By the Year of the Prancing Unicorn, the two had quite a reputation. They had even gotten more heroes to join them, mostly because of the Wikiwhiskey. The first recorded official meeting of Wiki Leagues recorded had a roll call of 30, but being the attendees mostly drunk the exact numbers are highly debatable.

The First Era

By the Year of the Feral Panda (a couple of cycles later) all of the original members have met their Gods, but the tradition was kept alive through the new recruits. Towns and languages were beginning to form, so the members finally adopted an official name, Wiki Leagues 1.0. In their primitive language, Wiki meant either "Freedom Fighters" or "Debauched Drunkards Who Like to Watch Sports and Gamble", which caused some confusion about what their mission statement actually was. They compromised and decided to fight tooth and nail for the right of freedom in between big games and when sober. The formula proved successful and by the Year of the Flying Pig (yet a few more cycles later) Wiki Leagues 1.0 had become a small nation, with an impressive head count, multiple guild halls and a whole lot of other crap. Then disaster struck.

The guild had become so famous that the neighbouring guilds all teamed up and attacked the gates of the main Wiki hall with a battering ram, which proved unnecessary since the door had been left open anyway. This was unfortunate since the entire assault party careened across the slippery marble floors of the hall and crashed into the Sacred Flame of Freedom at the other end with unforeseen side effects. Heck, the entire thing literally burned into a pile of ashes and was gone without a trace. There were no deaths or injuries, the members weren't even there as the finals of the highly prestigious "Interspecies Mud Wrestling Tournament" were being fought out that day. When they got back and saw the rubble they simply gave up. Wiki Leagues 1.0 had fallen!

The Second Era: Wiki Leagues Reborn

There was only one heroine who kept up the hope for the return of Wiki Leagues. She told all of her children the tales of the great hall, and all of her children told their children, and their children, and so on... In retrospect it was fortunate there were fewer infertility problems back in those days. But one day, in the Year of the Staring Goat, a young man got word from his father of the legend of the Wiki Leagues. From that day on, he would not stop until he found the great hall. And he did, but the discovery was a bit of an anticlimax. It was actually a large pile of grass, just like everything around. However, he found the corner of what appeared a stone step sticking up out of the ground. Curious to what it was, he began digging down a spiral staircase until he reached a vast opening shrouded in darkness.

As he hesitated by the bottom of the staircase - the young man was brave but afraid of the dark and even more of spiders - the shaft of sunlight filtering down from above touched the Sacred Flame of Freedom, which had been buried for ages. By magic or chance it immediately caught fire again, lighting up the whole place. The young man now realised he had dug out an entire temple under the ground divided in three sections. The largest looked like a library. Little did anyone know, the guild kept scrolls upon scrolls upon scrolls of information, records and chronicles of its guild members. That was a boon, because the young man could now contact all the descendants of those who had forgotten. The second section looked like a cellar, probably because it was indeed one. Enormous barrels of aged Wikiwhiskey filled the room. That proved a boon too as they would sell for a princely price in the markets of Godville and with the proceedings a new hall could be built. The last section looked like a betting office, full of sports event rosters and betting odds. This, however, wasn’t immediately apparent to the young man - who unbeknown to him had just become a hero for uncovering the temple - since he hadn’t seen any before, quite possibly because there weren’t any yet. In time, after having lost several times his pants betting on the wrong unicorn, this proved a boon too, helping raising the profile of the guild.

In the Year of the Hidden Dragon, the guild has a head count of about 175. After news got out about the initial discovery, people were flocking to join Wiki Leagues 2.0. And as a matter of fact, there was a scroll depicting the exact blueprints for the above ground extension of the hall, and we are working on rebuilding it. Our population has been rising and falling dramatically over the years, but we have still kept our tradition alive through battle, song, tales and a copious amount of drinks. The Sacred Flame shines again showing the right path - though most of our heroes seem to get thoroughly lost as soon as they set foot in the fields - and we encourage all to join, regardless of alignment, nail varnish colour or favourite sports team, just as long as you don't give up like our ancestors did - unless of course you have a valid medical certificate in triple copy (bureaucracy is always a problem).

Present Day: Wiki Leagues 3.0

It is now the Year of the Scratching Antelope, and the guild holds steady at around 60 members. Original members have spent much time underground the great guild hall perfecting several variations of the famous Wikiwhiskey. They have spent many hours looking for super secret ingredients and special techniques in order to imbue our Wikiwhiskey with interesting properties and excellent flavours. After spending a considerable time lurking in dungeons, sailing to random islands and playing tug of war with moles for delicious items, our Distillers have decided to start sharing the products of their brilliance with the new guild mates. We can only imagine what they were doing all this time, alone in the light of The Sacred Flame of Freedom, with barrels and barrels of Wikiwhiskey.

The Future

2017 was a big year for our Wiki Leagues peeps! We dominated both junior and senior arenas and finally acquired our scared guild totem, the Wiki Lynx! A special thanks and double shots of Wiki Whiskey to the following fighters: - General Li (who also won the Inter-guild Battle held by Harvest Moon alongside the illustrious Mlinzi) - Mlinzi - Out of Style (number 1 in the junior arena!) - See you in ten - AlisaRedBlood and also - Amazing Whale, Artosos, Echoe7, Alricks, Yodo Goodness, God of Potaoe, and Eutshibeutschi

The future depends on the current guild members. With your input and help Wiki Leagues 3.0 can only grow better and stronger, same as our Wikiwhiskey. There’s a lot to do, starting from perfecting this Wiki page and reviving our thread, not to mention organizing new tournament events. Up to you! That being said, the bar will always be open. Cheers and thank you all!

Guild Inclusions in Godville

Guild Spotlight, Edition #3122, Day 3366 g.e.
Wiki Leagues is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying 59th place in the pantheon of popularity. Rumor says there are about 43 of them. The highest rank here is “distiller”. The chief totem aura supervisor here is the Wiki Lynx. The members of this guild are only mildly rowdy while in public.

Wiki Leaders

A fairly incomplete and inaccurate list of all our Wiki bosses throughout our illustrious history

Aurlord - 2012/2013?

Heerenmeester - 2014

SmilingBandit77 - 2015

Celestialfaire - 2015/2016

General Li - 2016/2017

Temple and Ark Owners

This section lists the lucky Gods whose heroes have worked hard (and drunk harder) to complete their temple and ark in (almost) no time. Deities are listed by completion date. A suggestion that they should appear in order of daily alcohol consumption had to be shelved because of the inherent difficulty to measure their colossal intake of Wikiwhiskey.

Ark Owners

KALISTO - 07/18/2015

HEERENMEESTER - 08/07/2015


SNOWMAN79 - 08/19/2015

DONOHAN - 10/17/2015

BORSUK - 02/04/2016

ATOMOSPHEN - 02/05/2016

Temple Owners

AURLORD - 24/01/2012


BIFF - 30/06/2012

HEERENMEESTER - 24/07/2012

NEVERWARE - 25/07/2012

EILISTRAEE - 14/08/2012

JAL591 - 30/08/2012

DONOHAN - 05/09/2012

TETRAGRAMATON - 08/09/2012


BARTFISH - 04/10/2012

SIEGHART - 11/10/2012

THE PURPLE EYE - 23/10/2012

LUKESHEP - 02/11/2012

PAVEL OF GODNESS - 03/11/2012

AMBERCANO - 04/11/2012

FUDGE CAKE - 13/11/2012

SNOWMAN79 - 01/15/2013

KALISTO - 03/11/2013

ATOMOSPHEN - 09/10/2013

BORSUK - 05/20/2014

SMILINGBANDIT77 - 12/06/2014

FUNGAL MONK - 04/10/2015

GENERAL LI - 08/12/2015

NAMORAT - 10/27/2015

SHAGGOTH - 12/05/2015

MORSULTIMA - 04/19/2016

TUKUYOMI - 05/15/2016

LOKYGON - 05/16/2016

THORNTOR - 07/11/2016

Word Battles

2016 Guild Weekend Series Word Battles

We are happy to announce our weekly Word Battle series open to all Wiki League members. The basics: Occurs every Saturday for a 24 hour time period, words must be Godville-specific, each word must start with the last letter of the prior word. The person with the most answers in 24 hours wins eternal glory and in some cases, a special Hero Cookie!


2016-Jul Round 4 Winner, Shaggoth wins a second time! For you is the honorable Hero Cookie ^*((::))*^

2016-Jul Round 3 Winner, Shaggoth gets a special bonus prize of some God Charges! Congrats!

2016-Jul Round 2 Winner, Thorntor ~^((:::))^~

2016-Jun Round 1 Winner of the first Wiki Leagues Word Battle, Celestialfairie ***(:::)***

Sports Events

Interspecies Mud Wrestling Tournament

Welcome to the first Wiki Leagues-sponsored tournament, which will hopefully become a recurring feature of our guild. This is basically a rock-scissors-paper game, with no pretension at being serious, and heroes (players) from all guilds are welcome. And monsters too! In fact this is an event for all participants in GV to get to socialize without resorting to mortal combat.


1. The tournament is a direct elimination contest, each match consisting of 3 sets of 5 actions for each round of the tournament. Matches are played at "best of 3" sets.

2. Permitted actions are: Tackle-Wrestle-Splash. Tackle beats Wrestle. Wrestle beats Splash. Splash beats Tackle.

3. Players will send "Aurlord" their sets of actions and hero(ine) name by noon GMT Friday 23rd March using the private messaging (ie. I'm afraid you need to befriend "Aurlord" if you're not yet a friend) and I will randomly pair players up (you'll have to trust me on this one).

3.1. Just for clarification, an example of set is the following (note you need 3 of the sets below per match):

      Player 1                 Player 2            Winner (Player 1)
      Splash                   Wrestle             Player 2
      Tackle                   Tackle              -
      Tackle                   Wrestle             Player 1
      Wrestle                  Splash              Player 1
      Splash                   Splash              -

4. Since we'll need rosters of 16/32/64 players, the gaps will be filled by monsters (hence the Interspecies Tournament) for which I will (again randomly) set up sets of actions prior pairing them up with human players. Note: MAXIMUM NUMBER of PLAYERS 64.

5. Every round will have a winner for each match published in our guild thread. In case of a tie after 3 rounds I the players will be asked to send another set of 5 actions. If there is still a tie, victory will be decided by the partial scores of the sets played (which means that if both players won, for example, one set each, but Player 1 won by a larger margin in his winning set than Player 2 did in his winning set, then Player 1 would be declared the winner). If there is still a tie after considering partial scores then the outcome will be decided by the toss of a coin.

5.1. After all winners of a round have been published on the thread, they will paired up with the winner of the next/previous match in the roster and they will all be requested to send another set of 3 rounds of actions. Failure to do so in reasonable time will imply forfait of the match by the player.

6. This is a silly tournament with no pretense of being serious, but to make things more interesting I will gift 4 charges to the winner at the end (unless it's a monster of course).

6.1. Results of the tournament will be posted on this page for the posterity and reference for future events.

Roster of First Tournament

Round 1 -------------------------- Round 2 -------------------------- Eight Finals -------------------------- Quarter Finals -------------------------- Semi Finals -------------------------- Final
Arrowforyourknee (Snooper303)
-------------Hisir (Naturalblondchick)
Hisir (Naturalblondchick)
----------------Hisir (Naturalblondchick)
Three-eyed Cyclops
-------------Bipolar Bear
Bipolar Bear
---------------Thanatose (Thanatose1393)
Chocolate Elemental
-------------Thanatose (Thanatos1393)
Thanatose (Thanatos1393)
----------------Thanatose (Thanatos1393)
Gruyere1 (SBFH)
------------Gruyere1 (SBFH)
Anthar (Gordianus)
--------------Mighty Kirby (King of Popstar)
Ravenous Bugblatter Beast
------------Mighty Kirby (King of Popstar)
Mighty Kirby (King of Popstar)
----------------Mighty Kirby (King of Popstar)
Mud Golem
------------Samuel Vimes (Belteshazzar)
Samuel Vimes (Belteshazzar)
--------------Mighty Kirby (King of Popstar)
Fyurie (Kyrin)
----------------Aurix (Dasha)
Aurix (Dasha)
--------------Aurix (Dasha)
Cheerful Lemming
-------------Mighty Kirby (King of Popstar)
Jarovit (Onella)
--------------Jarovit (Onella)
--------------Strapping Lad (Your Ex Girlfriend)
Muley (Mistress of Science)
---------------Strapping Lad (Your Ex Girlfriend)
Strapping Lad (Your Ex Girlfriend)
--------------Strapping Lad (Your Ex Girlfriend)
---------------Hawkeye (Thaelon)
Hawkeye (Thaelon)
---------------Theant (The ANT)
Schlubb (Great Octavia Didi)
---------------Theant (The ANT)
Theant (The ANT)
--------------Mith Igorina (Marthter)
LisaAlexandra (LisaAlexandra)
---------------LisaAlexandra (LisaAlexandra)
Sapphireaqua (Dragon of Light)
--------------LisaAlexandra (LisaAlexandra)
Godville Admin
----------------Godville Admin
Trent123456789 (Trent Gretlein)
--------------Mith Igorina (Marthter)
Farce of Nature
----------------Mith Igorina (Marthter)
Mith Igorina (Marthter)
----------------Mith Igorina (Marthter)
Cecilia Fletcher (Delta493)
----------------Double Dragon
Double Dragon
---------------Mighty Kirby (King of Popstar)
Fierceness (Mardy Bum)
--------------Danicus (Danqazmlp)
Danicus (Danqazmlp)
---------------Danicus (Danqazmlp)
Altina (TheGourdGod)
---------------Altina (TheGourdGod)
Loan Shark
--------------Dr. Kenneth Noisewater (The Octagon)
Raging Hormone
---------------Dr. Kenneth Noisewater (The Octagon)
Dr. Kenneth Noisewater (The Octagon)
----------------Dr. Kenneth Noisewater (The Octagon)
Alainia (Ceccetticat)
----------------Alainia (Ceccetticat)
Nancyboy (Heerenmeester)
--------------Epona (Celestialfairie)
Epona (Celestialfairie)
---------------Epona (Celestialfairie)
Fire Hydra
---------------Epona (Celestialfairie)
Geoff Burton (Epoch)
---------------Geoff Burton (Epoch)
Ticking Crocodile
--------------Epona (Celestialfairie)
Maximus IV (JAL591)
---------------Maximus IV (JAL591)
Lady Q (PadmeLupin)
---------------Harathos (THEonlyOneGod)
Harathos (THEonlyOneGod)
---------------Harathos (THEonlyOneGod)
Metal Slug
-------------Epona (Celestialfairie)
Black Prince (Gruntfuttock)
---------------Black Prince (Gruntfuttock)
Master of Disaster
----------------Who Ru (Benign Neglect)
---------------Who Ru (Benign Neglect)
Who Ru (Benign Neglect)
--------------Who Ru (Benign Neglect)
Fyrdung (Artsonian)
---------------Fyrdung (Astronian)
E Fudd (Thuggs Bunny)
--------------Who Ru (Benign Neglect)
Spider Pig
---------------Jelcin (Meldra)
Jelcin (Meldra)
---------------Vessa (Raindropstop)
Pigmy Giant
---------------Vessa (Raindropstop)
Vessa (Raindropstop)
---------------Infrared Mouse
Alfangor (Adam Loso)
----------------Flaregun (Altion)
Flaregun (Altion)
---------------Infrared Mouse
Dust Bunny
----------------Infrared Mouse
Infrared Mouse

Roster of Second Tournament

Round 1 -------------------------- Round 2 -------------------------- Eight Finals -------------------------- Quarter Finals -------------------------- Semi Finals -------------------------- Final
Lady Darkness
-------------Lady Darkness
----------------Lady Darkness
---------------Shadow Luxray
-------------Facepalm Reader
Facepalm Reader
----------------Shadow Luxray
Shadow Luxray
------------Shadow Luxray
--------------Ticking Crocodile
----------------Ticking Crocodile
Benign Neglect
------------Ticking Crocodile
Ticking Crocodile
--------------Ticking Crocodile
American Idiot
Fire Hydra
Bipolar Bear
--------------Bipolar Bear
-------------Ticking Crocodile
Ravenous Bugblatter Beast
Your Dad
---------------Robert V W IV
Robert V W IV
---------------Robert V W IV
---------------T3ch Fre4k
Chocolate Elemental
Fudge Cake
---------------Fudge Cake
The Octogon
Foxxy Chicken
--------------Foxxy Chicken
Lady Shadows
Metal Slug
Power Dude
Mega Pixel
---------------Double Dragon
Double Dragon
Mud Golem
---------------Spider Pig
Spider Pig
Master of Disaster
--------------The ANT
---------------Infrared Mouse
Infrared Mouse
-----------------The ANT
---------------The ANT
Godville Admin
---------------Godville Admin
Farce of Nature
Shadow Angel
Drill Sergeant2

Hall of Fame

First Tournament (April 2012):

Winner: Mighty Kirby (King of Popstar).

Runner-up: Epona (Celestialfairie).

Second Tournament (October 2012):

Winner: Vessa (Raindropstop)

Runner-up: Ticking Crocodile