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Pets of Godville
Homo panthera
Strong Monster
Class Shape-shifter
Habitat Forests and other areas with numerous trees.
Description A being capable of shifting into a human and a panther.
Tame at levels 40-54
Features Rideable

The Were-Panther (Homo panthera "human panther" ) is a monster capable of changing its body from a human to a panther and back to human at will.

General Information

The were-panther is often inclined to believe that your hero is better tasting than he looks, fortunately for your hero, this is still not very appetizing. The Were-Panther will usually attempt to kill the unfortunate hero just for fun rather than in an effort to eat the poor guy, these creatures are very crafty, and can breath fire when angered. So if your hero has any brains, he will carry a ball of yarn to play with this beast, then while it purrs contentedly, run like hell.

The Were-Panther is a worthy opponent of any hero willing to charge into battle regardless of his opponents level of skill or ability. The way he fights depends on the hero themselves, he could be nice as a daisy to one hero, a hero would think they are easy and then what they thought is utterly destroyed.

Taming a were-panther disables its ability to shape-shift to human form and the many attributes associated with being in a human form. If looking to have a Were-Panther as a pet, it is preferable to have a female rather than a male, as the males are apt to mark their territory and property, and all cats count owners as property.



  • The speed of a large cat
  • Sharp teeth
  • Excellent night vision
  • Fire Breath
  • Sneak Attacks
  • Able to grab hero and run.


  • Catnip
  • Cannot resist hot-dogs with ketchup
  • Has minimal strength during non full moon nights
  • Secret passion for marshmallows
  • Dull nails
  • Deathly afraid of cucumbers placed anywhere close to it while it's back is turned
  • Uncontrollable urge of late to lay on glass-top tables and have it's picture taken

Were-Panther II

Monsters of Godville
Class Mammal
Habitat Grasslands
Description Sometimes panther, sometimes human

The original Were-Panther was born of a werewolf and a lioness, both of whom were quite surprised to find their offspring a Were-Panther since neither of them was themselves. Upon finding out his young was neither werewolf or lion, the father werewolf accused the lioness of cheating on him. That prompted her to eat him. So, he was then raised by the local Dandy Lion pride until finally being kicked out for being a panther instead of a Dandy Lion. he searched the land until finding a lonely oasis in a desert beyond the Godville mountains. Once inside the oasis, the Were-Panther was then imprisoned by a sorceress into a life of horrible slavedom. The Were-Panther II then had children with the evil sorceress. Their children now wandered the land on missions for their mother, the evil sorceress.



  • The ability to change from Panther to human and back again.
  • Razor Claws.
  • Driven by their mother's will.
  • Long pointy teeth.
  • The ability to talk to unfortunate heroes by using their names, often saying "Well met [Hero], we meet again!"


  • Reliant upon their mother.
  • Suffer from 'daddy issues' as they are also not allowed to see their father.
  • Scared of dogs, so having a Sun-Dog with you may be good luck.
  • Suffer from their pointy teeth, if you punch one with an uppercut to the chin.
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