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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Nightmare
Habitat tavern tables and blacksmith forges
Description sickly thin and spotty
Boss Type 2-Ability Dungeon

This so called Warmongrel is a beast but in essence also a dog. And not any -dog- ..but a boss monster -dog. It might not look like much at first glance. From millions of street corners of the world and millions of dogs living in them this one has become the one! More vile than Tim Raue, More evil genius than Sandmans Nightmare. This Dog has become the most notorious. But it is not noble origin, nor fine art of breeding shaped by godvilles noble beliefs for handy pets. No.

This is a mixed-breed dog or mutt that does not belong to one officially recognized breed

and it is not the result of intentional breeding.

 How war could come out of this without human help is a mystery to even the sages.

It might have been an act of a mere God, fondling with the poor dogs fortune. While others of undefined race had no interest what soever in doing undoglike acts like waging war or blowing up explosive charges, this devilish fellow here cares not to the bones marrow about wiggling his tail and fetching the bone. We´ll he fetches your bones if you let him!



  • needle bite
  • +200% against postmen
  • shin leap attack


  • insignificant look (actually a surprise attack making that weakness an offensive one..)
  • loves sausages and cheese
  • has a knack for shiny objects
  • Neurotic Barking. Always.

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