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Championed by the Hero: Akane Phoenix
Personality: Existence yet to be proven
Gender: Male
Motto: Yare yare...
Guild: Lords of the Pit
Guild Position: leader/founder

Welcome to my User page when you'll find the very little information I gave about me.

Feel free to leave a note at the talk page if you need.


Daily Ideabox and ER contributor. IQ points : 99. Approved Submissions : 14.

Chronicles may also come to life one day.

GodWiki WikiGnome[1] and occasional article author.

Partipated in the JanuWiki 2019 event under Lords of the Pit flag.

Notable contributions to the GodWiki

My GodWiki to-do list

  • Writing chronicles for my heroine
    • Prologue : Doing.png Doing... but very slowly
  • Updating articles with new templates
    • equipment : Tick.png Done
    • monster : Doing.png Doing... (A-K Tick.png Done)
    • artifact : Future.png Later...
      • activatable artifact bonus round Hold.png On hold until template is up :
  • Help on the overhaul of articles
    • Kill all inconveniant pixel parameter in articles' picture : Doing.png Doing...
    • Stubbing all the stubs : Doing.png Doing...
    • Adding category to ones it's missing (and there is quite the number) (uncategorised) : Future.png Later...
  • Things that may need thoughts and talk within GodWiki community
    • Find the truth about issue of potential homonyms of artifact/equipment and dupes with differents spelling (see note on my talk page) : Doing.png Doing...
    • The countless out of date guilds and user/hero page that weren't updated since ages. Future.png Later...
    • The countless articles marqued for delete Future.png Later...
  • Save the world, twice, if I can find the time for that : Cross.png Not done and not likely to be done