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In 1956, a jet plane crashed in a busy area of Wadhurst, England. The devastation was massive, but only four people died. This guild stands for surviving against all odds, even if those odds are jet planes.

Arch enemies: We have no arch enemies! Anyone can join if they are good.

active Members:

  • Shaitan12
  • O U27293
  • Hyfnae
  • Mavicar
  • Bloodhooff
  • Raginsydeburns (Discord maestro)

Honorable mention Though no longer with our guild A special shoutout to Kevo420, wherever he might be.

*disclaimer:* Wadhurst® is not liable for any damages or craziness that might ensue from our strange combination of strange humor, weirdness and bruised ribs from excessive laughter.

Top Rank

Our top rank is currently named superdiety; anyone who sticks with us for 800 days or longer deserves a title with "super" in it.

Totem monster

Unregistered Pet is our current Totem monster. No matter how rejected or how much of a misfit you are, Every hero is welcome in our guild.

Cross platform communication

Are you wondering who we are, or are you perhaps curious to join Wadhurst? Come visit us at our discord server so you can meet the gods before committing. Our discord server