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In 1956, a jet plane crashed in a busy area of Wadhurst, England. (Though busy is a relative term since this really is a small town by any standards). The devastation was massive, but only four people died. This guild stands for surviving against all odds, even if those odds are jet planes.

*disclaimer:* Wadhurst® is not liable for any damages or craziness that might ensue from our strange combination of strange humor, weirdness and bruised ribs from excessive laughter.

Guild history

No one knows who founded this guild or why, As far as records go back. Perhaps it was created at the very dawn of Godville, crafted by an crafty god who has long since departed from the realm. Some even say this guild already existed at the very dawn of creation. Alas the true answer has been lost to history. Yet despite our lost history we still stand, albeit as only a small collective. Regardless of our past, we now make our own history in which anyone is welcome to take part.

Arch enemies

Honestly, while writing this I am not quite sure why this section even exists. We really have no enemies and bear no ill will towards anyone. Perhaps a relic of a more turbulent past, who knows. All that remains now is this utterly pointless entry in the wiki.


Wadhurst doesn't have a consistent leader, instead the leadership of Wadhurst is generally passed around among the most active members at the time of elections.

Our current leader is Pending election...

active Members

  • Shaitan12
  • O U27293
  • Hyfnae
  • Mavicar
  • Bloodhooff
  • Griddy
  • James May

Honorable mention Though no longer with our guild A special shout out to Kevo420, wherever he might be.

🌟The Hierophants🌟

A title only bestowed upon the most distinguished members of the guild. True heroes, bringing the holiness of their gods to this world banding together. Only the most loyal and steadfast members of Wadhurst will achieve this title. But after 800 days of toil, one is truly deserving of the station!

彡Totem monster彡

Unregistered Pet is our current Totem monster. Even the pets that are unregistered, for whichever reason. Be it due to their heroes tying them up to a sturdy tree before going on their merry way. Or a hero has failed to extend the registration of their pet. We will show them some of the love they've lost. ♥

Cross platform communication

Are you wondering who we are, or are you perhaps curious to join Wadhurst? Come visit us at our discord server so you can meet the gods before committing. Our discord server