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Not to be confused with Voodoo doll.
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Monsters of Godville
Class Animated doll
Habitat Not where you would expect it.
Totem for Brotherhood of Dudeism ⚜️ 
Description Always looking like its target and foe.

The Voodude is actually nothing more than a voodoo doll brought to life by a freak accident, caused by a drunk wizard who had an affair with a Voodoo witch. Potential witnesses to the event died shortly afterwards of mysterious internal bleeding.

Voodude is actually kind of chill, he's all about live and let live, man. If you want to make him angry you really need to do your best. Rumors have it though, that calling him a doll does the trick quite easily.

Just think before you get into a fight with this dude, you will always get hurt, hurting him!