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Not to be confused with Voodude.
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Equipment of Godville
Voodoo doll
Worn 🗡️Weapon
Durability +28
Description Unknown

These small Voodoo dolls are manufactured by witch doctors living on islands in the Sacred Archipelago. They appear to be harmless and most heroes end up owning one as a souvenir, leaving their true potential untapped. This is usually caused by a failure to communicate with the seller. It is little known that by tying a piece of the enemy's hair to the top of the doll, it can be used as an inescapable weapon. After this has been done, the doll and the enemy's fates are entwined and anything done to the doll will also have been done to the enemy. It is then easy enough to hold the doll underwater, thus drowning the enemy, but usually the full merits of the voodoo doll are taken advantage of and painful torture ensues.