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Artifacts of Godville
Vanishing pint
Type 🧷Normal
Description "My pint is gone again...Hic!" cry a drunk heroine.

The Vanishing pint is an artifact created by a mysterious sect who aim at reducing the beer consumption of heroines (some claim it's a soda corporation, some others a group of Ale-chemists).


The vanishing pint is actually a trick using a pair of two similar pint glasses with a subtle difference. Both glasses are coated with a light reflective material, making them almost invisible. Except for the coating, the first glass is a normal one, while the second possesses a magical portal linked to a beer tank in its bottom.

Use in taverns

When this artifact is used, the waiter will serve beer in the first of the vanishing pints. While the mirrored coating won't fool any sober heroine[1] for long, a drunk one will have difficulties not losing sight of the pint.

When the drinker has reached a drunk enough state, the waiter will switch the first glass for the second, completing the illusion of a vanishing pint and avoiding over-consumption of beer (and saving the tavern some money on being able to serve the same beer multiple times). The effects of continuously buying a beer yet not being able to drink it can be devastating on the drunk heroine (high stress, anger, panic, loss of consciousness, death or worse).

The use of the vanishing pint is quite rare because of the production cost of the artifact (requiring two mirror coated pint and a portal spell for one of them) and due to the money lost by heroines that don't come back to any tavern using it after being fooled (still often fooled more than once). Due to that, while the vanishing pint is uncommon, its resale price is not that high.


  1. ↑ "Sober heroines? Very rarely seen. Maybe in the first few minutes after returning to town from an epic quest", Unnamed city guard, Godville, 2064 g.e.
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