Vampire Brat

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Monsters of Godville
Vampire Brat
Vampirus vexus
Class Undead
Habitat Abandoned Toy Stores
Description Sucks blood and patience

The Vampire Brat (Vampirus vexus) is an undead monster child created when an especially unruly child stumbles upon a graveyard and refuses to return home, the combining of two opposite auras of juvenile stubbornness and eternal undeath creating a metamorphosis in the child's body, but leaving the foul spoiled personality intact.

General Information

The Vampire Brat is an undead fiend who, though small and diminutive, will lock onto one specific heroine to pester and pester them until they finally play with them. "Playing" usually meaning sucking their blood.

Mothers of Godville, especially in the town of Trollbridge, often warn their children against acting up by telling them to behave or they will become a vampire. The threat of becoming a Vampire Brat is usually enough incentive for Godville children to listen to their parents and steer clear of places they should not be, but children who do not heed the folk legends and warnings often find out the hard way just how true they are.

Because a Vampire Brat is undead, they cannot be destroyed by normal means. And even when they are destroyed they are quick to rise again to continue their annoyance. The best strategy is often to steer their attention to something big and shiny, then run before they realize they have been tricked. Be warned, if a Vampire Brat catches up to you after being scorned in this way, your punishment will be tenfold worse than it was before.



  • Immortality
  • Small bouts of flight
  • Extremely stubborn
  • Will latch onto you with tiny needle teeth
  • Very loud and obnoxious, even by heroic standards
  • Are able to stay up way past their bedtime


  • Garlic, though any vegetable that looks healthy for you will do in a pinch
  • Telling them no
  • Going somewhere kids are not allowed, like a tavern
  • Promises of a new bicycle
  • A puppy or kitten
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