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Your edits to the Aura pages

The willingness to pitch in is appreciated, but I wish you hadn't taken it upon yourself to edit all of the Aura pages without discussing the changes with others first. All of those edits will have to be undone. The Curiosity aura can be added to Template:Navboxauras, correct way, and it will automatically appear on all of those pages. Why would you make edits to 20 different pages, completely replacing content, without first checking whether that was necessary? It was an awful lot of wasted effort on your part, not to mention the effort now required to fix what you broke. (And I can't believe you did it all using the mobile-interface editor, no less. That sounds like a nightmare!)

As I said, the interest in contributing and improving the wiki is appreciated, and we generally do encourage users to Be Bold, but things need to be maintained in the proper way. It can't have made sense that you'd need to cut-and-paste the same content to 20 different pages, when that wasn't done before — right? The Template system is exactly how wikis avoid that sort of unnecessary busywork.

Anyway, I'll fix up Template:Navboxauras to include Aura of curiosity, and then revert your edits to all of the Aura pages so that the updated template will automatically be reflected on the relevant pages. In the future, if something seems like it requires a lot of unnecessary work or major changes to the way the wiki is currently organized, it's best to hold off and find out whether it's really necessary, or if there's a better way. While there's no official admin-contact system for the wiki, there are a few users who've been doing most of the maintenance and will be happy to help out if asked. User:Spode set most of this up, but isn't active anymore. User:BlueStapler and I (User:FeRDNYC) are, though, and can advise on most wiki-related issues. -- FeRDNYC (talk) 11:14, 27 April 2017 (UTC)

Fixed up. If there were any other edits you made to the Aura pages at the same time, which I noticed there were on a few of them, those will have to be reapplied, I'm afraid. It was easier for me to just roll back the entire edit than to try and surgically repair the page. It's usually best to make each edit a single logical change, for that reason: If they have to be reverted, there's no collateral damage. (Not to say that each spelling correction or whatever should be a separate edit, that's overkill. But structural changes or major additions are best grouped into their own distinct edits, separate from changes to the rest of the page.) -- FeRDNYC (talk) 11:33, 27 April 2017 (UTC)

Chronicles of old hero...

  • Prologue*

The Chronicles of *Maynev*: just a story of yet another normal, average, shallow and uninteresting hero; but was really unlucky and was matched to the really weird cringy moody goddess *Glystas* by _The Great Random_. He first complained about his goddess and blamed _The Great Random_ for not gracing him with a more pleasant deity, but with time they started getting along and together they ended up in many really awkward situations.

  • The Birth of [insert appropriate adjective(s) here] Maynev*

Once every in a while mysterious forces, using the great powers of algorithms and other coding stuff the author of these chronicles has never heard of, created a clean virtual living being... Then it came the moment to name him: the mysterious entity hit the keyboard of its phone, computer or whatever device it was using at the moment like a caveman to come up with a decent name that didn't sound lame. After many failed attempts a -not- good sounding name was found: *Maynev*! The deity was named with this similiar process, but we ain't spoiling his/her name now. -Like you didn't already read that anyway.-

  • An Important(?) Decision*

Upon his birth, *Maynev* had to make a decision that could affect his whole life as a hero: accept to be have his mind programmed with _The Generic Dumb Hero Data Material Starter Kit_ or living his whole life as a lonely weirdo outcast. Since *Maynev* didn't like weirdos, at all; he hated them with a passion, and didn't like to have loneliness as his only company and, most of all: didn't mind being dumb if there wasn't anyone smarter than him. After pondering for long about this he decided to be just like any other hero(ine) on this realm. How *Maynev*, depsite being completely neutral and not infected by all the coding forced upon him, had already strong opinions is something that still remains mysterious to nowdays.

  • That Weird Day...*

Suddenly *Maynev* found himself materialized in a shrine. An odd priest approached him with these words:

“ *Maynev*! You have been chosen to be a glorious hero to smite monsters in the name of your goddess!”

“Wait, how do you know my name?”

“I was told of your arrival.”

“By who?”

“By divine entities! And one of them chose you as a its personal prophet!”

“But why?”

“The reasons are unknown, but it shall be for your best. -I guess...-”

“How is called this divine entity? Did you mention it was a she before, didn't you?”

“Oh no! I can't tell the name of your goddess! It's blasphemy!”

There was a moment of silence between those two, until *Maynev* decided to break the silence with a sentence said in the most awkward way possible:

“And... now?”

“Well, this should bs the moment where I give you your first quest and you start living your life as a hero.”

And the priest handed him a piece of paper with the quest written on...

“Did I ever agree on this?”

“No. Now get out!”

... And the priest kicks him out from the shrine...

Weirded out from what just happened, *Maynev* took a glance at the paper and reads -carefully- carelessly at his first quest. He rolled his eyes and thought how it was random nonsense, but he embarked upon an adventure to complete it anyway. What else he had to do?

  • It's-a-me, Glystas!*
  • +_This be in progress_+*


22:38 “Maynev's goddess loved all the...” Oh, who am I kidding? My Lady hates you all.

23:39 The following diary entries are brought to you by Maynev — I like DP... ?.

18:56 Sold everything except my soul. The trader didn't want it, even when I tried to throw it in for free.

22:01 Found a blue brick in my bag in place of my holy powercell. Overwhelmed with annoyance, I threw it into the sky, where it disappeared. Almighty, I thought we agreed on ONE color for the temple!

21:19 I heard a nearby Farce of Nature yell “Maynev doesn't repeat. ?”. You can assault me, kill me, take all of my gold and items, but when you steal the motto that I worked so hard to coin, that's when it's personal! It's on now!

22:16 I can't hear myself think, Omnipotent One. Probably because thoughts are silent, and because I'm not currently having any.

20:48 Standing behind my old therapist, while waiting in line for my new therapist. Awkward. Kyta S Indigo (talk) 18:58, 31 July 2017 (UTC)

Discontinued Wiki Page

Wiki Page cannot be modified anymore as I changed my name. I am now Kyta S. Indigo. Kyta S Indigo (talk) 19:00, 31 July 2017 (UTC)