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Guild page edits

Hi there! :)

I notice in recent changes that you have been creating and editing a large number of Guild pages recently.

May I ask, do you have permission from these guilds to work on their pages?

There are some kinds of edits that are considered okay without permission. Minor corrections to spelling and typos, or minor corrections to Godwiki code where the intention of the original author is clear but they're struggling to achieve it (say, obvious errors to how {{guild}} has been used or structured, etc). Changes to actual content, even ones that seem helpful (like updating the information in {{guild}}, for example, or inserting the template if it's absent), may not be welcome, and can lead to admin intervention.

It is also considered perfectly fine to go in and manually add the Category:Guilds tag where it has been omitted, as that falls into the second (minor technical corrections with obvious intention) category above.

If you feel that any of the changes you've made don't qualify as changes that fall within that rough guideline, no harm done! Every change on the wiki can be undone with just a click. You can see a full list of your own contributions here, and if you then view each page's history, you'll see every edit has an (undo) button. If you have created a page in error or without permission, also no harm done; just blank it out with an explanatory comment.

If you would like to make improvements to another guild's page, it's best to discuss it with the guild leader, or if the page history reveals that there are other guild members who are responsible for maintaining the page, directly to those users if you prefer. A direct message in Godville is often the best way to do this, unless you're patient; relatively few users think to check their Wiki talk pages for messages (though I do, and you are very welcome to raise anything with me there, or by private message in the game, or by replying to this topic here on your talk page!)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, or just create a topic on any talk page and someone will come along seen enough to respond. You can even create a topic here on your own user talk page and I'm sure someone will see it, there's quite a few active users to check the recent changes list regularly.

Happy editing, and above all, have fun! :) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Djonni (talkcontribs) 11:02, 25 August 2018‎ (UTC)