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This story is the intro. More will soon come

How I Came Into Existence

Championed by the Hero: Nephitus
Personality: Enthusiastic and (sometimes) brave inventor
Gender: Male
Motto: Just try and stop me!
Guild: Ultimate Powers
Guild Position: Guild Founder & follower
Favorite Town: San Satanos

From the Notes of Zetharoth:Long ago, there was a god that was called Calthus. He was the oldest, wisest, most powerful of all the gods. Everyone called him the Elder of the gods, and they all respected and loved him. His heroine was the strongest and most beautiful of all the heros and heroines in Godville. Her sleek body, her flawless face, her rosy red nose, and hair. Her hair hypnotised all the men that laid eyes upon it. Then there was her name. Melody, it described her right down to her rythmic voice. The heroine of light was good and gracious and saved Godville daily. When she came town no one interfered with her bussiness no matter what it may have been. A monster in town that no "normal hero" can defeat? No problem just send Melody in. Spambots slowing down the server? Send in Melody. Aliens abducting your...well you get the picture. Melody was the perfect "Miss Sweety Pie" of Godville. With her around there was no need to fear.Then came the day when Calthus decided to retire to the world where all old gods go, The Kingdom of the Past.

In the Kingdom of the Past old gods and goddesses that are past their prime live in harmony with thier heros and heroins.Calthus could retire there and stop being Elder of the gods for he had taught all he knew to his student Zeus. Calthus entrusted Zeus with watching over Godville and its gods and goddesses because even though he was only at the age 300 years(about a 7 year old in god years) Zeus had already mastered the art of the lightning bolt. While the original Elder was gone, time passed and Zeus became less concerened with Godville. Eventually, Zeus decided to leave home and journey to the great city of Greece where he organized his own group of gods and heros. There as The Elder, Zeus ruled for many years.On Earth little is known about Zues's younger years, until now! I will tell you his epic story and how his life brought me into existence. In his teenage years Zeus attracted MANY goddesses.(Zeus you dog!) While the goddesses of Greece were watching "Hunky" Zeus lift weights on an afternoon that seemed like any other, an enraged minor god watched on. His face and body were concealed by a pitch black cloak and hood so that no one would know who he was as he muttered curses of rage. As he walked away, a dark doorway the same color as his cloak with shades of purple in it appeared in front of him. While walking straight towards and through the passage, he counted acting casual if nothing unusal was happening. On the other side the sky was blocked by a cave's roof, the ground was damp, and the air smelled of rotting flesh. The other 'fraidy cat-gods and goddesses would never enter the place that he was now taking an afternoon stroll through. Of course I,The Almighty Zetharoth,entered this "Land of the Dead" to fill the blanks of this story.(Modest, aren't I?)


Anyway, the minor god descended lower and lower down the steps at the the end of the gloomy path he had been walking on. Eventually, he came upon a large circle of land. It was surrounded by stands that were completely empty for the time being. The only path into the stadium was through the way he had come. To go past this Arena of Doom he would have to go through the stands and exit through the hidden passage on the other side, but as usual Hades, for this was his domain, made sure nothing was easy.

You see, this minor god's name was Pneuma which means spirit in Greek. He was the god of spirits. Ever heard of the god of spirits? Of course you haven't! His name has never been mentioned in any text before now. He is the forgotten god of spirits. He worked for Hades as the King of Ghosts. He was to watch over all the spirits of the dead and make aure that they never escaped. He did not especially like his job, but he was bound to it for life by a contract he had signed for Hades.The contract bound Pnema to work for Hades for life in exchange for letting Pnemua's mortal love be immortal and youthful. If he was here now, his rage at the world would grow even more because of him being unknown and supposed non-existance. As usual he was angry at everything in existence when he entered the arena. As I was saying earlier Hades never makes anything easy. Once Pneuma stepped into the center of the arena, large gates locked the both the entrance to arena and the entrance to the stands.