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This Wiki page is about Whosyourdaddy Gamer (Who?) and the things he needs to keep here because he is very forgetful.


Godville Game Rules (copy-pasted as of March 28, 2020) The below set of rules are in addition to the Terms of Service of Godville. You should familiarize yourself with the General Terms of Service to verify what is allowed, especially in the case of an account that has been banned.

Netiquette In Godville, civility is a must and rudeness towards our fellow gods will not be tolerated. We expect all community members to treat each other with respect. The following actions are prohibited:

Use of offensive, insulting or inappropriate language in god names, hero names, mottos, personal pages, forums posts and all places visible to other players. Participation in abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language; disparaging any religion, race, nation, gender, age group, or sexual orientation; threatening persons with actions in real life. Posting or transmission of any material not suitable for underage persons. Displaying private messages in public without consent of both concerned parties. Creating a second account (god/hero) when the first one has been banned or penalized for violation of these rules. Usage of automation tools (including auto-logins or scripts and bots influencing the hero without explicit action from the player). Recommendations Try to use the search or to look around for a couple days, prior to creating a new forum topic or writing a new post with a question. Refrain from using forums for private talks with a particular person. Forum posts are public and other participants might not be happy to read your private chats. Prior to writing a post to a multi-paged topic, please read at least a couple of the last pages. It's very likely that what you are about to write is already there. If you believe that a player wrote something inappropriate, please flag it as such using the 'report inappropriate' menu option on the personal page (for names, motto and chronicles) or on the forum (for posts). Or send us an email ( if you find something really outrageous. Do not by any means respond to or quote the offender. Creation of alternate/secondary game accounts is not encouraged and may lead to ban/restriction for the alternate and main accounts (depends on the exact usage; "gaming the system" or "unfair advantage" are obvious examples, but not the only ones). Punishments We will punish any content or behavior that we believe is over the line. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, "I'll know it when I see it". And we think that you will also know it when you cross it.

Depending on the severity of a case, violators may be punished in one of the following ways: decrease of the daily forum posting limit temporary or permanent account block restricting access to some of the functions of the site other punishments, based on the seriousness of the violation Inappropriate behavior, offense towards others or trolling on forums will almost certainly result in a severe and permanent limit on the offender's ability to post anywhere throughout Godville. Bans or punishments are not to be discussed in public (e.g. Forums). Banned players may write an Appeal via email (, but they are not guaranteed to receive answers (If your account has been banned there probably was a good reason). In most cases the ban reason is displayed when the banned player tries to login. There is no preferential treatment for users that have bought accumulator charges regarding the game rules - either in the time needed to deal with the case or in the punishment. God name, hero name, motto and chronicles can be changed without notifying the player if we consider them offensive. Note that a violator can lose access to the account if there is no email associated with the hero. The rules above might sound a bit harsh, but it's nothing more than our commitment to creating a pleasant place on the web. We're doing our best to create a nice place to hang out and have fun and we believe that these values are common among all of the Godville deities.


Fight "Mikhail Dmitry - The Word Demon Overlord" unlockable only by having at least 1,000,000 charges. Final boss has 1,000,000 health and 3 random abilities which changes every 3 steps. Defeating the final boss gives the player the medal "I beat the King" or something like that. If one fails to defeat the final boss, one will always have the opportunity to fight the final boss by having at least 1,000,000 charges. --- suggested and awaiting approval.

Hosting the Epic RPG game forum thread (Result?)

Roster of Players and their characters in this world are:

Player Character Level Epica Equipment Inventory
Napstablook Assassin 2 8 SSM -
Hydreinoid Rogue 2.5 22 SSM -
Nyghtlyterror Fighter Adventurer 2.5 25 SSM -
Lrial Wizard 2 4 SBW -
Crazy Davey Pirate Adventurer 2.5 7 BIB -
Big Fluffy Foxx Knight 2.5 10 SSM -
Dewhey Queen Archer 2.5 1 SSM DRS
Leafy Dragon Seer? 1 0 - -

GUIDE - How to play in Epic RPG game forum thread

How to join the game?

New players can join in at any point during an epic quest and pick their character and help the team of heroes accomplish the epic quest before the deadline. There is no limit as to how many players can play in this world. But Inactive players (A player who has not log-in in GV for 30 days) will be removed from the Rosters.

What are the playable characters?

Playable characters are: Seer, Rogue, Archer, Wizard, Knight, Assassin, or Adventurer. Seer travels with the heroes and answers their questions. Assassins are sneaky, Knights are strong, archers are good with long range weapons, wizards use magic, rogues are able to turn invisible, Seers can see the future, and adventurers are very brave and cannot be scared.

How to move in the quest world?

All heroes start at one point and a certain number of posts will be required to reach another destination. If you fail to complete the required number of posts then you failed to reach that destination. There are times where heroes have to divide the group and choose two or more paths to take, two or more floors to clear, two or more caves to explore. Each of these paths, floors and caves will require a certain number of posts to be completed. The characters also decide who will take which path, floor, cave, and who will attack a certain enemy or monster. Players can teleport to a location of another player but they can’t teleport to a location where there is no player.

How do I defeat enemies?

Monsters and enemies will have specific character weaknesses as well as an advantage over certain characters. To defeat them requires a certain number of posts. If a monster or enemy is weak to a certain character then it will only take half of the required post for that character to defeat the monster or enemy. The actual situation will be presented from the viewpoint of each character as they write it down in their posts.

How Heroes Level Up?

Heroes gain experience by participating in quest. A successful quest gives the hero 100% experience but a failed one would only give 50%. The amount of experience gain is equal to one over the hero's level. For example the Hero's level is 1. After a successful quest he gains the experience 100% x 1 / 1 = 1. The result is then added to the level of the hero. That would give us Level 1 + 1 = 2, the Hero is now Level 2. For example the quest was a failure, the experience gain is 50% x 1 / 1 = 0.5, which is added to the Hero's level 1 + 0.5 = 1.5 level. A Level 2 hero gains 100% x 1 / 2 = 0.5 for a successful quest while a level 3 hero gains 100% x 1 / 3 = 0.33. What is the advantage of having a higher level? Levels are multiplier's to the hero's post power. A Level 2 hero's post is equal to 2 posts. Two posts coming from a Level 1.5 hero is equal to 3 posts.

Is there Currency and Shop System?

Heroes that deal the final blow on monster or enemy earns Epica, the currency of this world. The currency obtained is equal to the number of posts required to defeat the monster or enemy. For example an enemy with an hp of 5 posts will drop 5 epica upon defeat which can only be picked up by the hero dealing the final blow. Epica can be used to buy weapons, items and potions in a shop, which sells random items, this shop is opened by the host before the start of a quest, and this shop automatically closes once the quest starts.

What about Skills?

The only skill which is working in the game right now is teleportation and every hero has it. A hero can teleport to locations where there is another hero but teleportation does not work on locations where there is no other hero present. Teleportation does not cost a post and can be used in conjunction to another action. Like Teleport to player-2 and move forward; or Teleport to player-2 and attack enemy-A.

How quest starts and ends?

The host anounces when the quest will start. The current players and their characters and levels will be displayed at the start of an epic quest. The objective of the epic quest will be given as well as the mini-quests required in order to advance the epic quest. The destinations are also laid out as well as the number of posts required to reach them. Enemies and monsters are situated in certain locations and the number of posts required to defeat them and also their specific weakness and advantage is mentioned. All heroes gather at the starting point. They then work together to complete the epic quest and may compete in giving the final blow to enemies / monsters. When the deadline is reached, the host will declare if the epic quest is a success or a failure.

What are Raid bosses?

A raid boss is a specialized boss which is designed to be fought by multiple players, typically of significantly higher difficulty than normal bosses and requiring specialized strategy and/or loadouts . A Raid Boss often attacks players when they are resting or while they are on a quest. The loot for defeating a Raid Boss is divided among the players participating in the fight. However, Special Awards will be given to the players who deal the Most Damage and the Most Attacks.

What about Friendly Fire?

Friendly fire will not harm your party members, it will just send them as your projectile and damage your enemy.

What are Active Items?

They are equipable item with special effects. They will continue to be in the players possession as long as they don’t replace it with another equiptable item. As for now, players have one slot where they can equip with an equiptable special item.


SSM - Splinter Survivor Medal - selling price 8 Epica, Buying price 4 epica, gives double damage to wood type enemies

WFE - Whip of Flexible Ectoplasm – selling price 16 Epica, buying price 8 Epica – doubles damage done to ghost type enemies, + 1 damage bonus on first attack of “Seer” character to ghost type enemy.

BIB - Bag of Infinite Roasted Beans – selling price 8 Epica, buying price 4 Epica – doubles damage done to yokai demon type enemy (not all demons are yokai)

SOA - Sword of Aragon – selling price 16 Epica, buying price 8 Epica doubles damage done to ghost type enemies, + 1 damage bonus on first attack of “Knight & Adventurer” character to ghost type enemy.

SBW - Star Butterfly’s wand – selling price 16 Epica, buying price 8 Epica doubles damage done to magic type enemies, + 1 damage bonus on first attack of “Wizard” character to magic type enemy.

HFD - Hydra’s fang dagger – selling price 16 Epica, buying price 8 Epica doubles damage done to poison type enemies, + 1 damage bonus on first attack of “Rogue & Assassin” character to poison type enemy.

GPA - Ghost Pulse Arrows – selling price 16 Epica, buying price 8 Epica doubles damage done to ghost type enemies, + 1 damage bonus on first attack of “Archer” character to ghost type enemy.

[INVENTORY] CONSUMABLE / CHARGED ITEMS: (Only one of these can be carried in one quest duration, after the quest it will be reimbursed if not used.)

DRS - Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers (1 charge) – selling price 8 Epica – Teleports your character to the nearest enemy.

One Punch Gloves (Not available yet)

Other Systems To be implemented


Epic RPG Game Quest # 1 - Stage 1 - 1st attempt: Objectives Completed - Raid Boss Defeated


Origin of Whosyourdaddy Gamer

Not much is known about Whosyourdaddy Gamer, except that he is seen in Godville wearing a mask resembling a famous Dark Lord of the Sith. A correspondent is working on uncovering the secrets behind the mask and on the 14th of February 2018, Whosyourdaddy Gamer said:

My love story is as tragic as Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. What happened to them is what happened to me except for the part where Padme died. That is the reason why I don the mask of Darth Vader, not because I fancy a dark lord of the Sith, but because of the tragic love of Anakin Skywalker who abandoned the Jedi Order to save his love only to fall to the Dark Side. I also abandoned an order to be with my love only to end up alone, broken, disfigured and always wearing a mask to survive this dark, lonely and cold world I put myself in. Among the category enumerated in the guild chat: family, friendship, romance, pet, this one belongs to whatever.

Where did Whosyourdaddy Gamer come from and why is he in Godville? A correspondent is working on finding out the answers to this questions. Stay tuned.