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Deities of Godville
Hero Monmon the Fast
Personality Easy-Going, Good alignment
Gender Female
Favourite Town Monsterdam
We have ways of making you talk
Guild position Maker of Wikis
"Waaurufu is the kindest, gentlest, most noble deity in all of Godville. And I'm not just contractually obligated to say that about my Goddess, what makes you think that?"
Monmon the Fast

Waaurufu is a lesser goddess in the pantheon of Godville's roster of omnipotent beings, acting more as a divine secretary than a true deity. With a love for written word she documents the many beings of Godville whenever possible in a kindly act of preservation, though she is occasionally seen using her powers of creation to add small items or ideas into the minds of impressionable heroes, all with good intentions of course. And for anyone who was wondering, no, the impressive wings on her head are not useful in any way whatsoever.

While documenting and transcribing the life cycle of the monsters known as Supersonic Hedgehogs, the deity noticed one among his kind was unhappy with his life as a monster, and though limited in her power, Waaurufu offered him a chance to be something more than his lot in life, the chance to be the champion for a goddess, to be a hero. And thus began the partnership between Waaurufu and Monmon the Fast, an unlikely duo that through either luck or grit or both, have begun to make a name for themselves in the wild world of Godville!

Random Facts about the Goddess

  • She encourages her hero whenever possible; she once accidentally punished him, and has felt bad ever since
  • She has a temple of her own in the city of Godville, and an ark that her hero is now dutifully filling with all manner of creature for his goddess to document!
  • She loves submitting new ideas to her fellow godly peers, some of which have gained their approval and materialized in the land of Godville

List of Approved Ideas

Date Type Entry
7/17/19 Equipment Slim Shades
8/15/18 News Hiding in pain sight...
4/11/18 Newspaper Tradeberg brewery changes marketing tactic of “bottomless drinks” after heroes run every keg dry in a matter of hours.
9/4/17 News Having nightmares about Tribbles...
1/16/16 Quest take a full moon and empty it (So the moon really is made of cheese after all!)
1/16/16 Artifact slightly-used bandaid
9/1/15 News Climbing in a box and powering it with imagination...
8/3/15 News Letting my inner demons out for a little fresh air...
8/2/15 News Running back and forth in the tall grass until wild monsters appear...