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Twifight Sparkill
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Championed by the Heroine: High Zealot Navieka
Personality: Oestrus is bestrous
Gender: Daring mare extraordinaire, dignified and ultra-rare
Guild: Howling Moon
Guild Position: Useless Guild Rep/Petty Pony Princess/Monster Madame/Discord Whore
Favorite Town: Egopolis
  • Basic Stuff to Know:

Once upon a time or so (though not that very long ago), a girl set out to play - she gathered up treasure, punched monsters for pleasure, plus everything else in her way. Eventually fortune would fail the young maid, arrested and tried for the mess that she'd made: sentenced to service, against her will, the dread monster goddess Twifight Sparkill! Made up as a sacrifice, divine enslavement wasn't nice - the poor thing crumbled 'neath the weight, debating 'pon her mental state.

Now the goddess and the girl have DARED to stand AGAINST THE WORLD! Slaying hordes and hoarding wealth? DAMN the rabbit's mental health! Here's to Twifight's bunny blight! KILL ALL DAY and DRINK ALL NIGHT! CHEERS TO HER, THE ZEALOT SCOURGE! "MURDER! SLAUGHTER! PLUNDER! PURGE!" HOWL with me! AWOO-O-OOO!

"I've travelled the continents aimlessly, smiting their residents blamelessly; risking the possible loss of limbs to spread Her gospel, prayers and hymns. Being an acolyte does have its perks - for starters, I find that my brain never works! ... hey nerd, have you heard the good word?" - recorded from the Sparkill transcripts, translated by noted theologian S.C. Saustin, 2701 g.e. (after a weekend of drinking malt liquor).

  • Basic Stuff to See:

Twifight Sparkill, the "Merciful Grand Equestrian Monster Matriarch Magus Mistress of The Sacred Elements and Tyrant-regent of the Reknown Unknown Whose Glory is Unquestionably Magnificent", appears as a diminutive lavender Alicorn pony mare made up of several mismatched monster parts - bat wings, Changeling Queen crown and horn, plus several notable nefarious attributes and decorations blithely indicate her complete debaucherous corruption - basically she's an absolute treat!

Twifight is dutifully served by her darling murderous daughter High Zealot Navieka, who appears as a tall, slender tan-furred rabbit girl with dark eyes and a suspiciously frantic demeanor; all clad in a ragged set of blood-soaked armour. Navieka's not so much a treat as basically a savoury salacious soldier bent on fulfilling her fiery feral ferocities... although she does enjoy a nice bit of alliteration, apparently.

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... and that's basically it! GET IT?? Art by me. 😅