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Deities of Godville
Hero Yolo dude
Personality pure good
Gender male
Motto YOLO!!!!


Long time ago, there was a hero who rise upon evils, and will not ignore the good! He fought evils from Godville to Unspecifiedistan and, killed The Great Demon! Since then he was known by the name of YOLO. After his death, he became a god, known as THE YOLO ONE

Rise again

After many years of living peacefully, the monster are rising again! So he chose a hero, a chosen one, to fight evils in his name and, stop the evil forces from killing the citizens of Godville world. THE YOLO ONE will have to cooperate with other gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines to bring peace to Godville !

Tales and Mystery

There are still many tales and mystery about him that still make us wonder:

  • We always wonder about his true identity, because the name "YOLO" was given by the citizens of Godville
  • His sword, known as The Demon Ender, has disappeared after his death, and was said to still be hiding somewhere in the dungeon, waiting for it's next rightful owner.
  • Why he got his name is also a mystery, because acording to what we know, he died many times

The only thing we know is that THE YOLO ONE will always be our legendary hero and Exalted god!

      Be yolo, cause You Only Live One.              
             - THE YOLO ONE -