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The hero on his morning jog around his hometown Anville before the day's activities
Championed by the Hero: Notsosuperman
Personality: Sometimes virtuous, mostly righteous
Gender: Male
Motto: ☥ Hooah! ☥
Guild: Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Guild Position: Advisor
Favorite Town: Anville

Notsosuperman is, as Notsosuperman does. I quest for the Goddess Supersneaky...

A quick word about Supersneaky

The Goddess Supersneaky...ALMOST as brainless as Notsosuperman, but not quite!

I made Notsosuperman thinking he would be some sort of brave, proud, strong independent hero. But it turns out he's just as dependent on me as I am on him. (Laughs) I'm serious though, this thing needs to have some sort of health warning, I...(Phone bleeps) Hang on I've got a notification....Oh no! He's started a skirmish! I'll be back in a couple minutes...or thirty...(walks off muttering encouragement to her hero)"