Saya Hoffen

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Deities of Godville
Saya Hoffen 
Saya Hoffen.png
Heroine Cecilia Deadlocke
Personality Naive
Gender Female
Title Goddess of Winter
Age 998

Saya Hoffen is a goddess of winter and the goddess of heroine Cecilia Deadlocke. Although she is called a goddess of winter, most of her celestial powers have nothing to do with the icy cold season. She has earned said title because she often visits the earthly grounds of Godville, during the winter, for the lone reason of admiring the snow's beauty.


Because Saya is a new goddess (no seriously, she's just nine centuries old), her access to her godpowers are limited and have yet to master it. Despite this, it is believed that her powers hold potential.


In addition to being a new goddess, Saya is somewhat naive and is a total pushover. This is proven by her spoiling her herione, constantly giving her blessings and almost never giving her punishments for not heeding her most of the time. However, even though her heroine is incompentent, Saya can't help but trust her.

Saya is also shown to be a bit decently educated in some of humans' technology and their uses, so that combined with her modest nature, such traits make her appear to behave like an ordinary human in first impression.