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Deities of Godville
Hero Forretrio
Personality Lazy
Gender Male
Motto The angel of darkness >_<
Blue Feather
Guild position phoenix

Lover of GodMysyearico . It is suspected that they have the same master...

Forretrio and Mystearico

A cute couple, both good at fighting [or simply following what they had been ordered]. They are always asked to enter the dungeon or into the high seas at the same time, making others wonder that are they actually serving the same master.

!Hero's Diary
01:25 Mystearica told me that one day my princess will come. Well, if she’s anything like me, she is lost and too stubborn to ask for directions.
!Hero's Diary
12:45 Saw a really cool item at a great price, but Mystearica wanted it too, so I let her buy it instead.
!Hero's Diary
11:31 Climbed a tree to avoid the Major Disappointment. Met Mystearica avoiding her own problems.
!Hero's Diary
04:58 After a long day of monster slaying, I told Mystearica to bear with me while I collect myself. She thought I said, “Beer with me” and subsequently, we spent 20234 coins at the tavern.


Forretrio has one single loyal pet, namely previously Sandy and now Pokie. She tried to stay significant. I don’t find her effort being respected by other creatures, though. Once the ark is completed, she was assigned the new name Pokie.

  • Level 30: ~300 days (8/12/14)
  • Level 50: ~850 days (5/6/16)
  • Level 55: ~1010 days (6/12/16)
  • see below for a more detailed record
!Hero's Diary
06:05 Sandy sat aside to watch my epic battle with the monster. You’re so worthless, significant otter.
!Hero's Diary
04:42 Sandy yawned and put the Abracadaver to sleep, allowing me to perform a fatal hit. Good job!
!Hero's Diary
12:04 Pokie roared loudly and charged at the Electric Orc Welder, but stumbled and fell. Yes, that’s definitely my significant otter.
!Hero's Diary
01:54 Oh Sandy, I remember when you were a young significant otter and I beat you into submission! Thankfully you are on my side now… aren’t you?
!Hero's Diary
03:38 Sandy prepared a comparative market analysis demonstrating the limited supplies of astral projector in the current marketplace. The trader had no choice but to increase his price to 335 gold coins.
!Hero's Diary
06:51 (1958 g.e.) Divine enlightenment politely made it clear that I was calling my pet by the wrong name all this time. I’ll be calling him Pokie from now on!
!Hero's Diary
02:17 Scraped together 19268 gold coins and managed to persuade the priests to heal my pet. Oh, Pokie, I’m glad to see you in great shape again! 02:17 My silly significant otter darted out right in front of me, and I almost stepped on him. Pokie, don’t get on my nerves! And definitely don’t get under my feet!
!Hero's Diary
01:09 It turns out that a significant otter sure can come in handy! Who knew it would make such a good footstool while I rest by the roadside?
!Hero's Diary
02:15 Pokie healed the monster. the Headless Chicken looks confused, but happy.

Other quotes

Memorable moments

!Hero's Diary
10:09 (1435 g.e.) Hmm… nice settlement you have here. Unspecifiedistan, you say?
!Hero's Diary
4:58 (1824 g.e.) Hello, Lostway. I heard no one visits you anymore because you’re so crowded…
!Hero's Diary
05:38 (1955 g.e.) A log! A thousandth log! I’m even ready for a flood now. Not that I’m asking for it, my Lady.
!Hero's Diary
11:47 (2697 g.e.) Luminous One, I just re-counted the pairs and I think the ark now has a thousand of them. We're not going to cram another thousand in there, do we?
!Hero's Diary
10:46 (2769 g.e.) Used the pet door when entering Lostway to avoid the “entrance fee” the guards charge at the main gate.

Funny moments

!Hero's Diary
Saturio said from above, “I’d spray my charges over sails rather than those stupid bosses :/ anyway no gp now.” Following his inner voice, Forretrio decides to read a quick prayer.
!Hero's Diary
04:30 Found a package with the label “BACON” on it. Ate it without question.
!Hero's Diary
05:46 Forretrio told the funniest joke in the world. Shyborg cracked a rib laughing. 05:48 Shyborg told the funniest joke in the world. Blackpony cracked a rib laughing.
!Hero's Diary
10:45 Forretrio slapped Snowman. It seems that the tooth fairy will be visiting him tonight.

Dungeon/sail/fishing related

!Hero's Diary
03:58 The earth suddenly shook, the sky rained byte-code and artifacts came out on the textures… Something strange is going on in the depths of Godville. The heroes looked at each other and ducked out of harm’s way.
!Hero's Diary
06:26 Fishing in this area is prohibited, which only makes it more interesting. This golden brick should make good bait.
!Hero's Diary
05:28 Declared an unplanned fishing day. Now I need to find something that’d bite on the golden brick.
!Hero's Diary
03:27 One of my artifacts just fell to pieces. Found a gift of fate, a frame of mind, a constellation prize, a risk calculator, an alchemical transmuter, a recipe for success, an enlightening bolt, a willpower generator, an eternal hope spring, an improbability drive, an “Act of God” insurance policy, a portable stairway to heaven, a genetic marker, a high-definition dictionary, an indifference engine and 20471 gold coins in the shards.
!Hero's Diary
17:29 A tiny aiming error — and the divine grace falls on Golden Fish, instead of Forretrio.

Interesting logs


  • Mystery [saving] dungeon; treasure boss contains hungry tribbles [and not being eaten yet] >>Link<<
  • Fall into mole trap like a boss >>Link<<

An interesting dungeon mechanism is involved in the above log. See here.



Forretrio has been active in Godville for quite some time, and he is proud of the following records of his own:

  • Duel record before temple completed: 355/14
  • Per hundred wins: 100/8, 100/4, 100/2, 55/2
  • Temple took 120 days without digging or summoning bosses
  • Lostway count: 3
  • Unspecifiedistan count: 1
  • Bingo #1: 1 (2166 g.e.)
  • On Godville Times: 2 (2506, 2510 g.e.)


  • Temple 100%: 2/5/14 (120 days)
  • Temple 100% x2: 2/7/15 (401 days)
  • Ark 100%: 16/9/15 (622 days)
  • Ark 100% x2: 7/23/16 (933 days)
  • Ark 200%: 29/11/16 (1062 days)
  • Level 100: 10/9/17 (1347 days)
  • Pet lv 30: 8/12/14 (340 days)
  • Pet lv 50: 5/6/16 (885 days)
  • Pet lv 55: 6/12/16 (1069 days)
  • Pet lv 60: 10/6/17 (890 days)
  • Savings 7M: 12/6/16 (892 days)
  • Savings 10M: 28/11/16 (1061 days)
  • Honoured raider: 31/1/17 (1125 days)
  • Twos of every kind 50%: 21/12/16 (1084 days | 405 days from the day when fishing became available)
  • Twos of every kind 80%: 16/6/17 (1264 days | 585 days from the day when fishing became available)
  • Twos of every kind 90%: 11/8/17 (1320 days | 641 days from the day when fishing became available)
  • Twos of every kind 100%: 28/9/17 (1368 days | 689 days from the day when fishing became available)

Highest ranking

Last updated: 2019 Sept

  • Templehood : #9754 (9754th player to build a temple)
  • Might : #76
  • Gladiatorship : #13
  • Storytelling : #93
  • Taming : #22
  • Arkeology : #15 (149th player to build a double ark)
  • Savings: #22
  • Catch : #9

Honourable mention

On Godville Times on 2506 g.e.

On Godville Times on 2506 g.e:

Forretrio - 89th-level adventurer, member of the “Blue Feather” guild, with the motto “The angel of darkness >_<”, stands at the 21st position in the pantheon of catch under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Saturio. He's asking someone to capture the flag and report the results via telegram.

Surprisingly, shortly later on 2510 g.e.: [1]

Forretrio - 90th-level adventurer, member of the “Blue Feather” guild, with the motto “The angel of darkness >_<”, stands at the 55th position in the pantheon of taming under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Saturio. His worst enemy - an Assault Shaker. Favorite trophy - something that looks like a tricycle kickstand. He is also a huge fan of San Satanos’s pubs.

On 2687 g.e.:

Forretrio - 100th-level adventurer, member of the “Blue Feather” guild, with the motto “The angel of darkness >_<”, stands at the 10th position in the pantheon of catch under the vigilant supervision of the goddess Saturio. The hero has no distinctive features to date; however, he promises to get some before his next appearance.

Playing style

Since the temple is completed no extra charges are brought so the following styles are adopted:

  • Dungeon: active driving and prefer avoiding bosses, only kills afks when it's handy (gp and hp consideration). Driving from both heroes.
  • Sail: upon quest completion. Prefer not to use charges but you don't have a choice quite often.
  • Would trigger unlimited battle sometimes: 2-out-of-5-team against a hulking sweeping skilled boss and you really want to get through etc. But also against aggressive ark owners who tries to steal the treasury in front of me.
  • Would mess up hateful drivers: those who aggressively kill dungeon team members would be thoroughly messed up by my powerful driving skills.



Well my arena 1.0 experience does not apply here already but there is just one thing that duelers must learn: calm down and make no mistake. Just observe your opponent's style and wait for chances where you can checkmate your opponent (unless RNG tricked you, again).


Force jump avoiding treasure boss
  • Sweeping bosses are much more common these days. A single lv.1 sweeping boss is almost good enough to sweep a full health team to doom, so make sure you kill it really quick!
  • The heroes use to rotate in clockwise direction and turn upon corner. Make use of this property to save you some charge while driving (not if you are in a hurry and wants to ensure every step is correct).
  • Jumping dungeon can be bad but the feeling when you can make some meaningful force jump is simply incredible.
  • Hotness hint is good! It gives you definite hint on how far are you from the treasure. It almost allow you to pin-point a small area very likely to contain the treasure by combining the hotness hint and the diagonal hint (see below).
  • Fighting strong boss wastes gp, but they are definitely some good hotness hints! You can fight a first boss to get the idea on where the treasure should be. In the rest of the journey when you receive a boss warning you should be able to guess what is the level of the boss, giving you further reliable hotness hint.
The complete hot zone
  • Diagonal hint: A research conducted by Ursina reveals a special distribution on where the treasury should be. This can be summarized as follows:

1) Treasure distribution is fixed relative to the entrance.

2) Treasure never locates horizontally or vertically near to the entrance -- 2 grids never, 3 grids very rarely.

3) 5,5-rule: The most possible location is around (5,5) diagonal to the entrance (all four quadrants), with a chance of more than 50%.

The research is still going on. Feel free to send me your recent dungeon logs and they are welcomed in any amount.

!Hero's Diary
03:14 The tribe of tribbles, reached its critical mass and loudly transformed into a somthingg that immediately ran off into the forest. Found 15376 gold coins in my inventory.


Notes from the dungeon: The heroes plunder the treasure trove and divide the loot. Forretrio gets richer by 9385 coins.
  • If you have tribbles with you and the bag is further filled in the dungeon, you will not find any loot in the entry statement as above. But as soon as the tribbles left (because the occupation rate of the bag exceeds the critical line), you will receive the loot in fact. That includes the previous bosses' parts as well (see the image for the demonstration).
Tribbles and loots
  • From the above we may conclude that loot rewarding, which occurs in the main interface but not the dungeon system, is independent of the dungeon accounting system which ends as soon as the hero reaches the treasure room.


  • Upon quest completion, the hero will not sell loot after returning from the port, but he will still pray and start a new quest. As such your treasury box (that requires lots of GP to open) can be opened later where you gained gp from praying, and that saves you a charge. This is also a proper way of resurrecting pets because if the hero don't sell then the hero is not going to waste as well.
  • Roaming beasties may travel through vortex as well. Be very careful when tracking roaming double names.
  • Hints may contain two beasties and one treasure. Evidence


  • Selling in Town, full health: sent another town -> (no time wasted!) -> pray. Particularly useful in the Christmas period when you are accumulating flakes.


  1. He hadn't been to San Satanos for ages because Saturio hated the low gp output there. The editor must be bluffing.