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Deities of Godville
Sarika Nepartak 
Hero Mekkhala
Personality multiple
Gender Female
Motto Sinnamon Trolls!
Blue Feather
Guild position Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

On a mission from God

Mekkhala: 106 miles to Godville, we've got a completed quest, half a bag of inventory, it's dark... and I'm wearing a subnet mask.

Nessie the dust bunny: Urp!

...but there are times...

  • Seriously, Almighty? You expect me to get up and quest with a hangover like this?

Getting the band together (Guild)

Mekkhala didn't understand why, when she had just grown up enough to search for a guild to join, her Goddess kept dropping random stone slabs from the sky indicating specifically which guild she was to join. After all, why should she make a permanent commitment so quickly, when she was still so young? But, dutiful heroine that she is, she wanted to stay in her Goddess' good graces. After all, she'd seen what happens to some of those poor souls who worship false gods that seem to favor lightning over flowers and warblers! And so she set out, on a hunch from a whisper in her ear, to join the Guild Blue Feather. In spite of the fact that her Goddess seems content with this decision, every once in awhile (usually after a serious drinking binge with members of another guild), she's been known to wonder if the grass really is greener in the other guild mansions. This type of behavior seems to annoy her Goddess, if she can base the level of annoyance on the amount of nagging she receives when she starts getting too curious about those other guilds. To date, her attempts to join eight alternate guilds have been foiled.

She is debating resorting to sneaking out of the guild mansion at night...

Ah, but the best laid plans of mice, dust bunnies, and heroes oft go astray. After escaping from the aliens who kidnapped her, Mekkhala found herself without a guild. Her goddess zapped her a time or two and suddenly it seemed like a good idea to seek out the Harvest Moon guild hall, where she has taken up residence, and has learned that attempts to leave are likely to be noticed with an excessive display of lightning bolts.

However, one day, Mekkhala managed to sneak out and go renegade. She wandered through the wilderness for months on end, until her Goddess awoke from a long winter's nap and Noticed. She has since been recaptured returned to the kitchen at Harvest Moon, where she is undergoing an intensive reprogramming course happily baking...

Everybody needs somebody (Pets)


When she finally hit level 18, her Goddess watched miserably as Mekkhala proceeded to slaughter one tamable creature after another. She wanted her champion to have a companion that would accompany her on her quests, but wouldn't distract her from building her temple the way all those taverns and wandering minstrels insisted on doing. Finally, probably after getting tired of being the only hero in the inn who didn't have one, Mekkhala managed to tame her very own dust bunny.

Her new pet became her loyal companion on the road, warning of approaching danger, fetching random healing potions in the middle of nowhere, stealing trophies from recently dead monsters, burying membership cards from other guilds, and occasionally crawling into Mekkhala's loot bag for a nap. Her valiant dust bunny has saved her life ten (or is it eleven?) times so far, but has successfully been resurrected with a sufficient donation to the local priests. Rumor has it that her Goddess is far more attached to Mekkhala's pet than Mekkhala is. The level of additional attention she receives when Nessie requires resurrection is certainly far more than she seems to receive the rest of the time, at least. Mekkhala's Goddess' devotion to Nessie is evidenced by the Pet Breeder Medal her Goddess now displays.

So far, Nessie has demonstrated the following personalities: Vivid, Surly, Brutal (2x), Slashing, Infernal, Immortal, Superb, Oldie, and Long-Lived.

Please note. An Immortal pet... isn't.

Nessie, however, after many adventures, tired of the ups and downs of life on the road. On one particular trip, when Mekkhala's Goddess was unavoidable kept from keeping an eye on the precocious dust bunny for a mere four days, Nessie tired of saving Mekkhala's life. He returned to the wild, perhaps in search of a more loyal Goddess and hero team - one who wouldn't allow that odd thing called Real Life (tm) to interfere with resurrections.


And so the saga continued. After a long and arduous search, involving many slain creatures who should have been tamed, not slain, Mekkhala formed a bond with a new pet, the solar bear Toto. And promptly learned that they were not in Kansas any more.

Toto has benefited from Nessie's training of Mekkhala in the arcane methods of Pet Resurrection, and has made it to level 16 with only one major veterinarian visit to bring him back from the brink. He substitutes humorous antics for a more serious demeanor on the road. He is far more likely to assist in a kill or provide a quick ride than to climb into a loot bag.

Occasionally, Mekkhala still checks her overly heavy loot bag for an errant dust bunny, only to find that it's simply full of heavy loot. And then she remembers to give Toto a treat for not crawling into the bag.

Sadly, Mekkhala's goddess was kidnapped by aliens, and Toto found himself blocked from leveling by strange alien experiments. Eventually, Mekkhala sent Toto back to his family - adventuring was no longer the life for him.


Soon after Toto left for the lands beyond Unspecifiedistan, Mekkhala found herself a new drinking buddy - the grounded hog she named Woody. They have begun adventuring together in the Land Beneath, searching out places for Woody to mark and find interesting smells, and recovering much wood.

After much adventuring together (up to level 26, mind you), Mekkhala's goddess was distracted for a whole three days. Only three.

When she returned from her drunken binge, she found that Woody had been, sadly, knocked too hard on the head to continue to be useful. With tears of anger, Sarika severely punished Mekkhala for her neglect of her pet, and will probably continue to do so for an extended period of time.


After a tearful goodbye to Woody, in which Mekkhala confirmed her belief that her goddess cares more about her pets than about her, Boo the Alpha Centaur decided to join forces with the heroine. Time will tell how the partnership goes...

Favorite pet-related diary entries:

  • Stopped to feed and groom my pet. Nessie purred excitedly in anticipation of causing property damage.
  • It is said that pets are like their owners. I'm watching mine and don't want to believe that.
  • It turns out that a dust bunny sure can come in handy! Who knew they were so good at fetching snacks?
  • Oh, why is this loot bag so heavy... Hey, Nessie, get out of there!
  • It seems that Nessie has managed to train his fleas. Maybe I'm going mad, but I think that I just saw them praying to him!
  • Nessie snorted disdainfully and laughed at my futile attempts to put the sign '100 milestones to Godville' in the proper place. Now he's making snickering noises and silly faces. If you think it's so easy, why don't you try it yourself, you silly dust bunny?
  • Picking Nessie up from the dry cleaners... [Actually, this one was an earthly news.]

Most despised pet-related diary entry:

  • The Were-Panther-II raised its hand for a deadly final strike against me, when Nessie suddenly threw himself under its feet. The monster stumbled and fell dead on the ground, its neck broken. Nessie quietly heaved his last breath under the weight of the monster's carcass. Oh, my Lady, why? He was so young...

Let the good times roll (Achievements)

Mekkhala has managed to survive the wilds outside the haven of Godville long enough to lay claim to the following:


  • Honored Favorite (check up on your hero for ?? days)
  • Animalist, 1nd rank (raise a pet to level 30 - in memory of the beloved Nessie the dust bunny, level 31)
  • Builder, 1st rank (have personal temple completed)
  • Renegade, 1st rank (this is what happens when kidnapped by aliens)
  • Champion, 2rd rank
  • Martyr, 2nd rank
  • Saint, 2nd rank (encourage the hero 1000 times)
  • Careerist, 3rd rank (reach Cardinal guild rank)
  • Hunter, 3rd rank (kill 5 boss monsters)
  • Raider, 3rd rank
  • Shipwright, 3rd rank

Currently working on

  • Careerist, 1st rank (reach Cardinal rank in 2nd guild) [:::Well, wouldn't have happened, until months of hard work staying in guild were destroyed by Real Life (TM):::]

Currently not working on (at least not voluntarily!)

  • Martyr, 1st rank [:::how 'bout we pass on this one? Hm?:::]

Theoretically have, but only showed up once on the android version and I don't see anywhere now

  • Dressed to kill (get a complete set of armor)
  • Rabbit ears (make the hero react to your voice)