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Championed by the Hero: Athyrma
Personality: Unknown
Gender: Male
Guild: Fujoshis

Sculpting Athyrma

When Goddess Sapiotrella decided that she was bored, she created Athyrma by fashioning him out of water, giving him a beauty that shines above the majority of other creations that were made from soil and mud.

Notes on Combining artifacts

Give the voice command "Combine artifact #1 and artifact #2". This will then create a third and more valuable artifact starting with the same letter.
Specifically useful artifacts are those that start with the letters B, C, D, G, I, and M because those can create a Box with a question mark, a Continuum transfunctioner, a Deus ex machina, a Dimensional destabilizer, a Gift of fate, Improbability drive, or a Mystery box.