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Warning sign This god has not finished writing about himself
Championed by the Hero: Senn Gaberd
Personality: Nebulous
Gender: Powder
Motto: to the edges of man!
Guild: We have ways of making you talk

Sandoriac is the only known God of sand, sandcastles, Sandmen, sandstone, sablés and to a lesser extent, sandwiches. [1] I would say It is mostly known for being Senn Gaberd's god, but really, this god is not known, mostly or not.


Sandoriac's kingdom includes the beaches and deserts of God ville, As well as some Islands. He decided to make one of those island his main city. if you are thinking he also put its Sand-castle there, well, you are a fool. Sandoriac does not have a sand castle for it would be undignified and unworthy of its status. Sandoriac, as any God should, lives in a sandPalace.

His people

Every sand-based animals are on Sandoriac's command. Sadly enough, it never found one. However, for its own credibility, Sandoriac decreed that any grains of sand would now be considered one its subjects

the comandments of Sandoriac

Sandoriac, after having seen an unknown movie, decided to write down his own set of rules. he spent years and years planning them out so that no harm would happen to any of his loyal subjects if every of them followed it. Then it decided to put it down, and any of those witnessing the god engraving the holy word with its own finger affirmed that theese laws would have changed the face of the world, if not for the waves erasing them from the beach.

kind of disapointed by his subjet's lack of consistent teamwork, it retreated into its sandpalace, thinking on a new way to save them from their own inadequacies.

that's when it decided that this situation was needing a hero.


  1. as a bit of trivia, it may be noted that he actually received that last title as a prize for a golf competition, which he won by throwing his wall in the bunker