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Deities of Godville
S624 4-medal laurel
Art by GodMykus Aditus 
Hero Strandloper
Guild position Greeter & stats poster
Guild rank Nautiest
Temple Name Pavilion of the Drifting Sands
Ark name Calm Horizons


Occasional ideaboxer, JanuWiki 2019 volunteer editor & jobbing wiki editor, occasional outbursts of doggerel & formerly Nautilus guild leader.

Active dungeoneer & willing driver, semi-AFK sailor, willing to spar if you need to complete a Side Job.

Godville's Got Skills™


Down at the docks


Dungeon, through a pet’s eyes (edited to meet length requirement.

(Placed 7th[1])

Unabridged version.

The shuddering of the lift isn't doing B's nerves any favours, and the malevolent Inner Demon skulking in the corner can't be helping. T is doing his best to calm B, assuring him the janitors will take good care of both their pets. S lazily chucks my ears while gossiping with L. I'm busy snuffling at her new looking Vengeful Mole while trying not to let the brooding presence of J and her pet get to me. Bar the rookie B, it seems a good match, competent heroes and a snuffler, digger and shadow-creeper promise a good set of skills for the varied obstacles we could encounter.

The lift grinds to a halt and there's a sudden murmer as the type is revealed: toxic cave. No matter to us, for unknown reasons the poison has no effect on our health. But enough, it's time to focus the senses, watch and ward our master or mistress.

The first few rooms pass by, nothing obvious arouses our suspicions. The distant deities are silent as yet, content to let their charges wander. Another room, and the walls are starting to funnel us towards the south and an unavoidable boss hint. We sit back, letting the heroes do the work. Is it lingering influence from the God of Monsters that prevents us from being noticed here? The pickpocketing boss is made short work of, more interested in practising its skill rather than attacking. Onwards down the halls, still nothing until I catch a sudden scent from ahead. I wrinkle my nose at a point on S's hastily drawn map and he marks it in for avoidance or investigation.

Another boss warning, and a treasure hint, Southwest. A booming voice drives us West at this junction, straight into a hulking, sweeping Kildebeest. J is losing her brooding look, replaced by a slight grin at the prospect of a hard fight. Blows are traded, and the first few rounds pass before the air starts crackling with divine power. Even B is visibly more relaxed with the support from on high. More pyrotechnics ensue, hastening the victory, until a misjudged strike catches B square on. He survives, but barely. The others briefly commiserate him but prepare to move on. The treasure within reach now, there's nothing any of us can do but leave him to his God's care.

Onwards again, interesting points start coming through. First the mole senses something, but far off the path, then the demon grins and taps a sly finger on the map dead ahead. A blue haze glows around the heroes, B looks pleadingly upwards, desperate for healing now. Moving again, we hit the marked room. Another blue glow descends, a misfire, and the reason for the demon's slyness is revealed. A room of torment assails the party, knocking their confidence. For B it proves too much, sending him catatonic. The others shrug, his Lord will need to learn these hard lessons.

More nondescript rooms pass, nudged along by the occasional directive from above. Suddenly as we pass into the next room, something stirs in my mind and I rush past everybody snuffing at the floor. A quick root in the debris, a bite and the trap here is disabled. S is all smiles and pride. A final hint reveals the treasure boss, J marches onward under her Lady's order, eager for battle. For us, our work is done, baubles, bullion and boards have no attraction.