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GodNonnal  is a god of the mighty hero, Sir Nonnaly. Visit his page for lots of good details about his adventures.

Deities of Godville
Hero Sir Nonnaly
Personality Kind
Gender Male
Favourite Town Los Adminos
Warped Quantum
Guild position Sits on the Guild Council as the Quantum Capacitor
Guild rank Hierarch


The god Nonnal has existed longer than any human. Or at least any hero. And, at any rate, definitely longer than any heroes who can remember anything earlier than their last drinking session. But he appears to have been most recently recognized around 480 g.e.

He is most commonly seen as a tall, gray-bearded figure, but it able to transform himself at will into a wispy smoke that matches the color of his wiry hair. Many heroes have claimed knowledge of his existence, but only one living hero has ever been granted the privilege of seeing his corporeal form. This meeting was granted immediately after completion of the stone dais on the crest of Mount Pi.


The reason for Nonnal's rare earthly visits is shrouded in mystery. It also remains to be seen why he chose Sir Nonnaly as his hero -- other than the amazing similarity of their names, of course.

The phrase "The cake is a lie" appears to be inextricably entwined with the quests that Nonnal demands; the origin of this phrase and its hidden meaning have yet to be uncovered.

Some Ideabox suggestions approved by the Godville Administrators

Following is a partial list of ideas by Nonnal.

Look for these in the game:

  • Diary: The back of this milestone marker read: “%hero% was here.” Hey, I forgot I did that!
  • Diary: The terrified %monster% shouted, “Stick a fork in me, I'm done!” I didn't have a fork, but I did manage to stab him to death with my %weapon%. Yep, now he's done.
  • Diary: Almighty, please send me a sign. Unless it's going to hurt -- in that case I'm all set with signs, thanks.
  • Diary: “Watch where you tread!” the monster said. He hit my head; I may have bled. I turned and fled. My face is red, but I'm not dead!
  • Diary: Stumbled upon a sign that read: “You prayed for a sign. Well, here you go.”
  • Diary: Wait a second, wait a second...Almighty, did you just say, “%god_voice%”? No, that would be silly; I'm sure it was just a thundercloud.
  • Diary: You hear that, monsters? Yeah, it's me, %hero_name%, and I smell victory afoot! And also a nearby skunk. But mostly victory! So run, cowards!
  • Diary: I'm not sure if I was daydreaming about sleepwalking or remembering my dream, but either way I made it past another milestone.
  • Diary: It's raining, but I don't know what I did to make you cry, my Lord/Lady. I pray for your happiness, and offer %X% coins as a token of my devotion and love.
  • Diary: Almighty, do you ever have one of those days where it seems like no matter where you turn, there are monsters out to get you?
  • Diary [awaiting resurrection]: Each. Minute. Crawls. By. Slower. Than. The. Snail. That. I've. Been. Watching. For. The. Last. Two. Hours.
  • Diary [awaiting resurrection]: Almighty, if you decide to leave me here to decompose, would you please turn me into a flower bed?
  • Diary: Dear Almighty, thank you so much for resurrecting me. If I should ever die again, though, would you mind doing something about it before the maggots find me?
  • Diary [new quest]: I opened my “Tome of Uncompleted Quests” to a random page and read the first entry I laid my eyes on. Looks like I'm off to %quest_name%!
  • Diary [god voice]: A tin can on a string descending from the heavens appeared in front of me. Putting the can to my ear, I heard the words, “%godvoice%.” Incredible.
  • Diary: The %monster% and I decided to make a trade. I gave him a roundhouse kick, and in exchange he gave me his %artifact% and %#% gold coins.
  • Diary: Didn't have enough room in my pockets to carry the %monster%'s head, so I just kept his bag of X gold coins as a trophy instead.
  • Diary: Tried resting against a tree to recover from injuries, but it turns out a cactus was a poor choice. I'd better head back to town to heal up.
  • Quest: fill in the potholes left by heroes digging in the middle of the road
  • Artifact: holy cowbell
  • Artifact: postdated death certificate
  • Artifact: good point
  • Monster: Bear Minimum
  • Earthly News: Catching rainwater to save for a rainy day...
  • Earthly News: Scribbling out embarrassing diary entries...
  • Earthly News: Feeling much better after taking a placebo...
  • Equipment (legs): wind sock

These ideas all received at least 75% positive votes, so you might see them soon!

  • Diary: Before my very eyes, a massive hand appeared out of the heavens and grabbed an enormous handful of coins from my money bag. It squeezed them with superhuman strength and then dropped a newly minted gold brick into my hands! (94%)
  • Diary: A searing bolt of lightning knocked my coin bag right out of my hands and plunged it into a burning hole in the ground. Scrambling in after it, I noticed that the heat had melted a huge number of my coins into a solid gold brick! (84%)
  • Diary: Saw a falling star in the heavens. I guess even my Lord/Lady loses things sometimes. (81%)
  • Diary: The thunder in the heavens sounded suspiciously like snoring. Almighty, you aren't sleeping while I'm down here performing great deeds in your name, are you? (78%)
  • Diary: Suddenly a piercing light opened into a wormhole before me. I stepped cautiously into it and found myself in the arena. Cool trick, Almighty! (76%)
  • Duel: A plague of locusts swarmed into the arena and descended upon both heroes, who fought them off only after sustaining considerable damage. Looks like no one is immune from %god_name%'s wrath. (84%)
  • Duel: %hero% noticed that %opponent%'s shoelaces were untied and helpfully knelt down to tie them. He/she then followed that up with a massive uppercut that knocked %opponent% right out of his/her shoes. (79%)


Honored with being voted the Best Actor in the first Murder Mystery sponsored by the Gamer's Guild.

Pet statistics

For anyone trying to gather stats about pet leveling times. All times are GMT.


  • Level 1: 1/14 @ 11:58
  • Level 2: ?
  • Level 3: 1/16 @ 19:02
  • Level 4: 1/19 @ 10:21
  • Level 5: 1/23 @ 14:19
  • Level 6: 1/26 @ 11:10
  • Level 7: 1/30 @ 03:00
  • Level 8: 2/05 @ 01:39
  • Level 9: 2/12 @ 03:39

Missed the date... 09:19 AM Lost the last hope of resurrecting my pet. Good bye, Pumba. I promise to find a new best friend in your memory!


  • Level 1: Day 662 g.e. (3/02/12 @ 01:07)
  • Level 2: Day 663 g.e. (3/02/12 @ 17:28) about 16 hours
  • Level 3: Day 665 g.e. (3/04/12 @ 19:56) about 2 days
  • Level 4: Day 668 g.e. (3/07/12 @ 16:17) about 5 days
  • Level 5: Day 671 g.e. (3/10/12 @ 06:40) about 8 days
  • Level 6: Day 674 g.e. (3/13/12 @ 05:27) about 11 days
  • Level 7: Day 680 g.e. (3/18/12 @ 11:17) about 16 days
  • Level 8: Day 686 g.e. (3/24/12 @ 09:38) about 22 days
  • Oy died: Day 687 g.e. (3/25/12 @ 15:38)
  • Oy resurrected: Day 687 g.e. (3/26/12 @ 06:03) revived for 3536; still level 8, and about 24 days
  • Level 9: Day 691 g.e. (3/31/12 @ 04:09)
  • Level 10: Day 699 g.e. (4/08/12 @ 03:21)

Random thoughts about temple completion time

If these thoughts ever turn into anything coherent, they'll be moved to a new page and linked to from the Temple Completion Time Estimation page.


  • There are many variables that enter in to an accurate calculation of temple completion time.
  • We don't have access to most of them.
  • We typically only have four variables available to us: hero's age, temple completion percentage, number of duel wins, number of duel losses.
  • A user who voluntarily fights in the arena less is more likely to engage in more skirmishes (see Duels). Without very careful manual attention by the user, there is no way to accurately determine the number of skirmishes versus number of arena duels that the hero has engaged in.


  • Any value that cannot be directly determined is assumed to be part of The Great Random and will be lumped together. This causes some theoretical issues when known and unknown variables are related (e.g. participation in duels, which we know, versus participation in skirmishes), but is a necessary abbreviation due to lack of information.


  • An accurate formula can only use the values available to us:
    • hero's age,
    • temple completion percentage,
    • number of duel wins,
    • number of duel losses.
  • The formula depends on the component of temple completion time that the user can't change (i.e. collectively, the random events) and those that the user can change (i.e. primarily represented by arena successes).
  • Zero participation in the arena should simplify the formula to a version that describes the random processes only.
  • Temple completion is documented as a percentage; any references to number of gold bricks shall be converted to percentage of temple completion using the formula 1 gold brick = 0.1% temple completion.

Formula Development

Total temple completion time t is the completion of the entire temple (100% of it) divided by the rate of temple completion. (We divide the rate to maintain the correct units per established dimensional analysis rules.)


''t'' (mths) = 100% completion (%) / ''rate_completion'' (%/mth)

more to follow...