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Deities of Godville
Never More 
Heroine [[Alicia Raven-queen]]
Personality Devious
Gender Male
Motto Who should I raid next?
Favourite Town Tradeburg
Silver Raven Piracy Guild
Guild position Patron God

Never More, patron deity of the Silver Raven Piracy Guild and championed by Alicia the Moderately Cunning, presides over three aspects:


Now, most people assume that a god of crime is evil. However, this is not always true. After all, if every criminal were evil, then what about Robin Hood?

That said, Never More probably is evil, but more on the mischievous "steal your shoes from your feet" side than the "take over the world and rule with an iron fist" side. Those with Never More's blessing will often find themselves quicker on their feet, allowing them to more easily evade capture by monsters and local law enforcement, as well as enhanced lock-picking and pick pocketing skills, and a keener eye for the shinier and more expensive things in life.


As you may already know, most (if not all) heroes in Godville are not of very high intelligence; that is to say, they are very stupid. Never More's blessing can confer to these unfortunate souls a boost to their intellect, allowing them to command at the least an average intelligence, giving them the brains to know which side of the weapon to hold, and to know when a trader tries to trick you during haggling by saying a higher price when a hero is selling something, causing the hero to name a lower price in response and thus con themselves.

And finally, Never More is the god of


Ah, there's nothing like waking with more possessions than the day before, am I right? Any hero blessed by Never More will feel a slight twitch or tingle whenever they see a gold coin, and are more likely to bargain for that little extra money when selling their inventory. These heroes are also more likely to buy new equipment because more is always better.