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In an effort to promote my heroine's chronicles, I am retelling it here in its entirety. Perhaps this is just an effort to get into the Pantheon of Storytellers

Four score and seven years ago, a glimmer in the eyes of a lovely maiden sparked the hopes, fears and desires of a lone stable hand. From the ruble of his humble beginnings he vowed to rise above his surroundings into a noble position in the prevailing caste system.

He failed!

But now his son has a chance to remedy the unkindly hand fate had dealt his ancestors. With a sharp, quick-witted tongue, this young man wooed his way into the heart of a rather beastly, young, unattractive, but very wealthy widow. With one heroic stroke of “fate”, they gave birth to a beautiful girl. This was the first of many children that would have been born to this couple. But fearing fatherhood, the young man fled into the wilderness never to be spoken of or heard from again.

Left alone and destitute, the unsightly double-widow vowed to raise her one and only child in a home of love and adoration. Not wanting to spare the rod and spoiling the child, she opted to withhold lavished gifts until the child was of the age of wisdom.

Unfortunately, the young girl Eliza Bethany grew to resent that all of the other kids had wonderful gifts lavished on them on special occasions such as birthdays and valentines. Assuming she was a disappointment to her dear, sweet, ugly mother, she decided to run away from home two days before reaching her age of wisdom to pursue her own fame and fortune in this great big world.

Her journey begins with a diary in one hand, and a ink-less pen in the other.

This is her story…