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Geography in Godville is remarkably confusing. Spode's map at this point is the only graphical map available. However, there is a number of statements in variety of Godwiki's articles that contradict Spode's map. I decided not to publish my own draft of the map, but rather point out what is in my mind is wrong with Spodes map of Godville.

1. Godville might not be an island. There is not a single references of what is going on west to Jagged Mountains.

2. The Godville city is in the middle between Tradeburg (southwest), and Godvillewood (south east) and Beerburgh. THis means that Beerburgh has to be north of Godville, not south.

3. San Satanos has to be north of Beerburgh.

4. Godville is surrounded by the Qu-Tox ocean in the south and in the east. It is not clear what is going on in the north and west.

5. Mainstream is probably going from north to south (Qu-Tox ocean is in the south), so Los Adminos has to be in the south as well, not too far from Tradeburg.

Of course, there are many more lesser points to be made.