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Deities of Godville
Marios The Greek 
Hero Vincent Lance
Personality Good
Gender Male
Motto Obligatory Motto!
Blue Feather

Well, here's me, Marios the Greek. I am Greek, age 14, and I believe I am actually quite an interesting character. I also have Asperger's syndrome.

I don't have much to put in here. However, i do have one thing:

Cannibals in FeatherLand

A Word From The Author

This guild story originates from the Blue Feather Guild Council, where one day a few people suddenly had... cannibalistic intentions. I then questioned that, and hell broke loose as everyone present there was, indeed, a cannibal. It was a bit of a chore to get myself into writing this, but I did it, and wrote a draft of the adaptation of the Guild Council events and released it as a final product. This "About" section was written after I got back on this and made it better, removing the Character section and essentially rewriting Episode 0 (which was way too tightly based on the GC incident), in a single night during the examination day of a Ancient Greek work. Its name was "Helen" in free translation, by the way. No such thing like this is taught in other countries, but whatever.

Please enjoy this story, brought to you from Greece. With love, if you may, but that's already taken by Russia.

Episode 0: The Incident Where Everything Starts

In the Blue Feather Guild Center, Marios, Matus, Artson, Amanda, Bahamut and the rest were chilling out and conversing in the Guild Council room, conversing about the past guild election, funny diary entries, ideabox entries they got in purgatory, fireworks and whatnot. Like most of the other times, everything went smooth. Until disaster came in... Predictable, but you wouldn't like to be in it, so keep quiet.

Matus: I am the only one who will say this, but...

Artson: ...but?

The entirety of Matus trembles as he feels nervous about what he wants to say. Like, what could it be he may be hiding? He attempts to slowly express his feelings.

Matus: I...

Artson: You...

Matus: Me...

Amanda: He, She, It?

Artson: Not You...

As Matus gets annoyed due to Amanda's badly-timed temporary silliness, he gains more courage and determination to speak of the unacceptable, absolutely terrible thought of his own self.

Matus: ...Am hungry.

Artson: Well, why didn't you say so?

Matus and Artson stand up at the exact same time, as if it was a co-ordinated plan. They began looking enviously at a passer-by trader "looking for 'Madman' Mike," as he exclaimed himself.

Matus: You know that guy over there? Really good stuff.

Artson: How good?

Matus: You gotta see yourself, come! He's going to run away...

Trader: Um, you two know where Mike is?

Artson: We know everything!

Matus: Hell yeah!

Trader: You know what, fuck these weirdos, I'm out.

The trader ventures off to another place to look for Mike.

Trader: Was that really the "good guild" the other traders dragged me to? Really shouldn't listen to those guys...

Bahamut and Amanda seem not to react to the unusual behavior of their guildmates, or the fact Matus and Artson humiliated their guild in front of a trader. Their heroes already do that, do the gods really have to give them a helping hand? Well, yes, gods should help heroes. However, this is certainly a task which heroes must not be encouraged to perform. In this self-insert fiction, where self-insertion is inevitable anyway because Marios has been a known member of the guild, Marios figuratively stands up for the guild and questions the paranormal activity performers:

Marios: What is wrong with you two?

Matus and Artson turned their heads to Marios exactly the way an old, screetchy door opens when it is given a light push. Artson awkwardly walks up to Marios to inform him, whispering:

Artson: Don't say anything to the other guys... Me and Matus, you know... Just have a preference to human meat. Like, is this such a big deal? Something is wrong with you, man. You're like, afraid of being eaten, silly thing. Now, keep it down, kapeesh?

However, Marios didn't want the fact that there are canniballistic guildmates that could eventually get hungry for guildmate meat inside the guild to remain a secret. He could easily get consumed like the rest of his mates would very likely get. Thus, he purposefully shouts:

Marios: Yeah, totally, I am not saying anything about you being cannibals here! It's totally safe!

Amanda: What's up, Marios? Is everything okay?

Marios: No problem, sweetheart, just some guys potentially gonna eat us over there, false alarm.

Amanda: Great, because you forgot a gal.

Amanda's words made her true nature obvious. Now Marios is suddenly surrounded by a bunch of cannibals. They are working together to reduce suspicion and bring him out as a hack. Now he has to calm down. If he doesn't calm down, stuff is going to go wrong. Very wrong.

Matus: Hey, hold yourself there - this is just a confusion. Come to my lab so i can explain better...

All of a sudden, Matus damages Marios' attempts of calming down. But he has to hold himself, like a non-Mary Sue. Keep a low profile, keep a low profile, keep a low profile, he thinks within himself. But he can't anymore. He can't keep a low profile, he can't keep a low profile, he can't keep a low profile. He is too frightened. Doesn't think straight. Actually, he probably does think straight, but not as straight as required. It is inevitable anymore, as Marios shouts with all his fear:

Marios: Everyone is a cannibal! Everyone is a goddarned cannibal! Like, I'm so screwed right now!

The self-proclaimed King Of Underwear returns to the guild after another failed attempt to pass an item, monster or diary entry referencing himself. He was quite eccentric, that 'king.' We'll find out more about this 'king' in a later date. As the King Of Underwear enters the Guild Council, he finds three hyperkinetic guildmates in a circle and one in the middle of it begging for survival.

King Of Underwear: What is going on here?

Marios had already developed


King Of Underwear: What is so bad about being eaten? Like, doesn't that mean the guys who want to eat you actually like you?

This perfectly made the King sound like yet another darn cannibal. Marios made furious haste on escaping. He hurriedly picked up a shotgun from the so-called "Blue Feather Council Corner," where it appears weapons were being kept for population control or in case of a rainy day to punish the god responsible. Artson blocked the doorway to calm him down, with a weirder accent than before:

Artson: We've already had our lunch, you have plenty of time to plan your getaway. Be realistic.

Perhaps Artson was telling the truth, as he left from the doorway to find something else to do. Or eat. Marios continued losing and losing sanity, increasing and increasing paranoia as there's still Matus, Amanda and the King who want to have a word with him. Or perhaps was Matus just kidding? Or Amanda just confused? Or the King unrelated? Stupid thoughts. They are all cannibals, Marios. Yes, totally. You can trust your own paranoia, it always tells the truth. It always tells the truth in such bad times. As insane and paranoid Marios was getting, he also wanted to kill Artson very much. It burns. It burns like Hell. But he mustn't end up in Hell. He has to stay alive as to do so. And, thus...

Marios: Come on, Artson! You shouldn't leave before dessert!

Artson: ...What the hell? You've really gone insane now, haven't you, you little creep? Though, a tasty-


Marios shot Artson in the face with the shotgun he found earlier. Artson keels over and dies, indicating the bullets found the right place and urging the writer to bring Michael Rosen over to recite the way Artson fell over and got killed. Marios heard a faint "Hey" behind him, and a poke. He turned around to see Bahamut telling him:

Bahamut: Why are you seeing zombies everywhere? Maybe you should see less fucked-up things at night...

Marios didn't say or do anything to him. He had no time. Maybe he is just as innocent as Amanda and King are. Or, are they? He was still paranoid, but he wasn't as cruel or as insane as to kill everything that moves. Not yet. But that should be not ever. And Marios has to fight for it. Not people. His luck. He had to focus on getting away from the god-forsaken guild. Matus is heard shouting from the Guild Council:

Matus: The exit is r-right in my lab, turn l-left and proceed forward! I need you to be safe, you edible thing!

Meanwhile back at the Guild Council...

Artson: Has he left?

Matus: Yes, yes, now get up. I need you to be standing.

Artson: He doesn't know about the guild's shotgun-disabling aura, does he?

Well, you wanted a twist, here it is - Artson had never died at all, due to a special aura which specifically disables shotguns by making them fire blanks.

Matus: Probably not. Anyway, we need to do everything in our power to eat- er, get him. Well, we need to get him before we can eat him. Take him to the lab, Guildbot!

Guildbot, the guild's personal robot who informs the guild on important subjects at times and generally helps the guild be stable, was at the Blue Feather Council Corner of the Guild Council room, idling, waiting for orders. It heard the order and instantaneously obeyed it as Matus was its creator and maintainer, and Matus made sure to program it so that he has the top priority for requests, even above the guild's leader.

Just as ordered, Guildbot rushes for Marios just right on the moment he is about to open the main doors. Guildbot grabs Marios just like that, because it doesn't have feelings. Makes sense, right? So, then, Marios is in full trouble and panic now, no mentally sanitary thoughts anymore, full paranoia. Oh crap.

Marios: Guildbot is a cannibal too?! Robots cannot be cannibals, can they?

However, Bahamut, the person the writer intends to make creepy, is suddenly next to Marios as he is held by Guildbot.

Bahamut: No, they cannot.

Marios: Shut your cannibal face! Do you understand me, you piece of homicidal garbage?

This is the ending of the plot episode. The plot episode ends on a cliffhanger. What happens next? What is going to happen in Matus' lab? Will Guildbot even take Marios to Matus' lab in the first place?! Actually, the last one's answer is yes. The rest of the questions, however, are to be answered later. Later, as in "The next episode."

Episode 1: Escape from Blue Feather (TO BE WRITTEN)

This episode will be written very soon. Guaranteed to be written within 3 days after the current revision of the page. I would write it along with Episode 0 rewrite, but unfortunately I don't have the time. It will be a good episode, like the rest should be. You'll see.


Everyone in the character section for 'creating' the idea of the story and the main plot of the plot episode

GodArtsonian  for the story title

The Blue Feather Guild for being awesome!